Unbelievable Episode 4 Recap


Unbelievable Episode 4 Recap

Unbelievable Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Unbelievable, Karen and Grace decided to join forces, and Marie received a citation in the mail. In Unbelievable Episode 4, Grace and Karen spoke with the FBI and followed new leads, while Marie followed up on the citation.

Campus Life

The victim in Aurora was an elderly woman who was now a fraternity house mom. With a third victim and a new DNA from a snow globe, Karen and Grace went to the FBI. They wanted them to expedite the DNA tests. They also asked about ViCAP. Special Agent Taggert admitted that investigators were more motivated with murders than with rapes. When he asked them what else they had that wasn’t in their file, Karen wanted to tell him their cop theory, but Grace thought it wasn’t a good idea.

Arturo, a student at the local college, saw a police flyer and came forward. He said it reminded him of a fellow student, Scott Parrish. Arturo showed Karen Scott’s Facebook, and she saw what looked like a birthmark on his left calf. Scott had been accused of sexual assault, but the victim decided not to press charges. The police brought Scott in, who was combative and defensive. Unfortunately, it was a tattoo on his left calf and not a birthmark. He also had an alibi for one of the assaults.

Working Together

Unbelievable Episode 4 Recap

Mia got a list of cops who had military service, but it seemed like a dead end. Other ideas, like checking domestic abuse charges, wouldn’t work either as that would be in a private file. Grace asked her husband, Steve, for access, but he declined. Mia and RoseMarie talked about the case with other female detectives from different precincts. For anything similar, they asked them to send over the file.

Not Usually Charged

Unbelievable Episode 4 Recap

Marie went down to the courthouse to follow up on the citation she received in the mail. The clerk, Ms. Bell, looked up her case and discovered that she’d missed a court date, and there was a warrant out for Marie’s arrest. Marie hadn’t heard anything about a court date. Ms. Bell got the judge to lift the warrant, but Marie had to appear in court that afternoon. Marie didn’t have a lawyer, so Ms. Bell flagged down Mr. Hughes who reluctantly took her case. Mr. Hughes found it unusual she was charged with false reporting as these cases were rarely pursued. He had her plead not guilty so he could negotiate a plea deal with the district attorney.

At Colleen’s, there was a report on the news about a woman who was raped by a masked intruder who took pictures. Colleen was disturbed and doubted whether Marie really had been lying. Marie insisted that she’d made it up. Later that night, she picked up the phone to call the tip line but changed her mind.

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