Undone Episode 2 Recap


Undone Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Undone Episode 2 Recap

In the previous episode of Amazon’s Undone, Alma was in a car crash after an argument with her sister. In Undone Season 1 Episode 2, Alma woke up from a coma and saw her father in her hospital room.


When Alma woke up after the accident, her mother, Camila, and Becca were in her hospital room. Next to her, she saw her dead father reading a newspaper. Events bled into each other. Becca was excited that Alma could start physical therapy right away. Sam visited her, and she acted like they hadn’t broken up. As Tunde arrived to visit, Sam left, but Alma thought he was a nurse. Alma found herself at a table with her father, Jacob. He asked her to agree to help him. He indicated that the car accident gave her the ability to see things in a non-linear fashion. When she didn’t quite understand, he brought her back to the hospital bed when she woke up.

Stuck in a Loop

Undone Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Alma went through the same motions again, but things were a little different. Becca was in a cactus garden and not by her bed. She and Alma had a fight. Alma believed Becca was only thinking of herself, but Becca claimed that Alma always got the attention.

Back again in the hospital bed, Alma realized she could project herself into the future. She saw herself with Sam two weeks later in her apartment.

A Choice

Undone Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

When Jacob died, it was the night of Halloween. Camila took Alma and Becca trick-or-treating. Becca wanted Alma’s socks, so when they came home, Jacob made Becca socks out of his newspaper. Later, Alma asked Jacob to go out again for more candy. Jacob took her out, but he received a call. He told her that he would be back for her. Jacob never came back, and Alma had a police officer take her home. Camila and Becca told her that Jacob was in an accident.

In the present, Jacob told Alma it wasn’t accident; someone killed him. He had caused the car crash to awaken her abilities that her grandmother, Geraldine, had. Jacob wanted Alma to agree to help him stop his death. Alma saw the mundane life she would’ve lived if she said no. Jacob asked her to take a different path.

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