Undone Episode 1 Recap


Undone Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Undone Episode 1 Recap

Undone, Amazon’s new original animated series, follows Alma Winograd-Diaz as a near fatal car crash changes her perception of time. In Undone Episode 1, Alma’s ennui reached a tipping point and affected her newly-engaged sister.

One of Those Couples

Alma met her sister, Becca, at a bar. As Alma described how fed up she was with her dull routine, Becca showed off her engagement ring. Alma didn’t like Reed, since he was privileged and rich. After a night of drunken celebration, Alma crawled into bed with her boyfriend, Sam. She made him promise that they won’t settle down, as she never wanted that. Sam brushed it off as something unknown for them in the future. After Becca and Reed’s engagement party, where Alma sported a drawn-on mustache for a reaction that never came, Alma broke up with Sam.

Broken People

Undone Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Becca and Alma went out to the bar again. They ordered shots again, and this time, the bartender, Tomas, joined them. They partied all night together. At Alma’s apartment, she dared Tomas to kiss Becca. After Becca reluctantly agreed to a peck, Alma characterized it as similar to a kiss from their uncle. She coaxed them into a more passionate kiss and left to vomit in the bathroom.

Outside of church the next day, Becca confronted Alma for ruining what she had with Reed. Alma defended her actions. To her, they were both broken people, but Becca didn’t accept that.

The Accident

Undone Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

When Alma left Becca, she drove through San Antonio recklessly as she cried. A pickup truck crashed into her just as a vision of her father smoking a cigarette materialized in front of her. He had died when Alma and Becca were young. During the episode, Alma had found a photograph of her father smoking a cigarette and questioned her mother about why she hadn’t known that he smoked. The idea of the existence of a side to him that she didn’t know truly bothered Alma.

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