The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 13 Recap


The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 13 Recap

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 13 Recap

In the previous episode of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, June let Eleanor die to protect her plan, while Serena gave up Fred to the Americans in exchange for visiting hours with Nichole. In the season finale of The Handmaid’s Tale, everyone prepared for the children’s arrival, and Fred and Serena went through questioning.

Back to the Beginning

We saw June at the beginning of the episode in a flashback to right after she was captured in the woods. Along with other women like her in a slaughterhouse-type facility, Guardians herded June onto a truck for transport with only chains to hold onto. June asked a Guardian where they took Hannah, but he simply told her to keep moving. June met Janine, who yelled as she was pushed in.

Too Early

June’s Handmaid friends signaled their participation in her plan by passing her bars of soap. At the Lawrence house, they prepared bags of sandwiches and water bottles for the children. They used the soap to cover up the windows, and June fixed the squeaky gate. A red light in the window provided a signal. However, a Martha, Rebecca, brought Kiki too early. The wait scared Rebecca into changing her mind. June couldn’t bring herself to shoot her but pulled the gun on Kiki when she started crying.

Joseph wanted to pull the plug on the plan. Rebecca and Kiki were spotted leaving Lexington, and the Guardians were going house by house to look for them. Joseph anticipated roadblocks, so they decided that the children were going to walk through the woods. The women marked a path along the creek by tying torn fabric around trees.


The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 13 Recap

In the end, June had more than 52 children. They all went through the woods, avoiding cars searching for Kiki. When they reached the airport, they were almost home. However, a Guardian had come to watch the gate. Briefly, it seemed that June would sacrifice Kiki to get the other children out. Instead, she decided to go on her own to distract the Guardian.

The women soon joined her. They threw stones at the Guardian, who shot toward them. June used herself as bait to guide him away. He shot her, but she still had the handgun. She forced him to say it’d been a false alarm and then killed him. The children left on the plane with Rita and landed in Canada. Moira, Luke, and Emily were there to help the refugees. Rita told Luke that it was June’s plan.

Crimes Against Humanity

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 13 Recap

Serena and Fred were going through hours of questioning. Fred told Tuello that Serena was guilty too. Tuello reminded him that Serena had immunity for her actions in Gilead. She had acted under duress because of Gilead’s laws. However, Tuello ended up arresting Serena during her hour with Nichole. Fred had told Tuello that Serena had forced June to have sex with Nick to impregnate her.

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