The Boys TV Series: Every Easter Egg and Reference in the Comic Adaptation


The Boys Declassified – Episode 8

The Boys Declassified will take each episode of the Amazon Prime Series (watch it by clicking here) and put it under a microscope, dissecting it in detail, annotating the changes made from the original comics and pointing out any worthwhile trivia or Easter eggs we might find! Read about it all below!

For parlance, any reference to “The series” means the television series, instances referencing the comic book series will note as such.

Come back and read after you’ve watched the episode because we’re talking full spoilers for the TV series; spoilers for the comic books will be noted and must be highlighted to be read. Like this, HIGHLIGHT SPOILERS: Just an example! Keep reading!

“You Found Me”

Once again, the title comes directly from the comics with the final issue of the series (# 72) using the same title. That marks all eight episodes using titles from the comic arcs, leaving 15 possible titles from the comics for episode names. There are some really great ones left that I imagine will one day be used like “Proper Preparation and Planning,” “The Big Ride,” “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker,” “Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men,” and “The Bloody Doors Off.”

Superhero terror hunt in Syria

This is an invention for the series, but seems like something that definitely would have happened in the source material.

Jim Beaver!

Hey, it’s character actor Jim Beaver! Beaver has appeared in all four of Kripke’s shows starting with Supernatural, Revolution, Timeless, and now The Boys.

“Vought’s manufacturing supervillains”

This specific plotline is new for the series. In fact, in the context of the comics Vought not only manufactures their own superheroes but also creates the villains for their heroes as well. This isn’t explored a lot in the series much but provides interesting ground for the series.

“Miltiary deal is signed and sealed”

Highlight for comic spoilers: Vought’s ambition of getting the heroes into the miltiary never makes it that far in the comics.

The Boys on the run

This is new for the series as well. The Boys maintain a position with the CIA well into the final arc of the series.

Annie’s parents

Annie’s origin story as it were here in the series is pretty different from the comics. I’ll put her comic book origin behind a spoiler.
Highlight for comic spoilers: Annie is born with her blinding powers at birth, even blinding her birth parents as soon as she exits the womb. As a result she’s adopted by Vought-sponsored foster parents who raise her to join the Vought teams (and give them a hefty paycheck).


Billy approaching Mallory asking for help again is new for the series. In the comics it’s Hughie that goes to visit Mallory, where he learns not only the secrets of The Boys but the history of Vought and Compound V (perhaps the best arc in the source material).

The Boys apprehended

The team being arrested and put in a black site like jail is new.

Butcher learns about Stillwell

In the comics The Boys learn about Stillwell through an encounter with another group of supes and from their bugs in The Seven’s HQ.

The Deep shaves

Hilarious, and not from the comics.

Hughie and Annie

The reconciliation scene between these two is remarkably close to a similar scene in the comics, albeit under different circumstances.

A-Train ODs on V

As explained previously, Compound V is not a steroid like drug in the comics so this sequence is entirely new.

Mr. Edgar

The reveal of Mr. Edgar, played by none other than Giancarlo Esposito no less!, is a surprise as the character is only ever spoken about and never appears in the comic.

Queen Maeve

Maeve speaking to Annie and saying “I did want to make a difference” lines up with a similar scene between the pair in the comics as well.

Homelander made the villains

This is new and a pretty big departure from the Homelander’s storyline in the comics where he doesn’t care at all about being in the military.

Homelander and Stillwell

The romantic inclinations on display between these two is brand new.

The Boys in captivity and escape

Again, this is all new for the series though I certainly think the way they get out is in keeping with the spirit and tone of the source material.

Butcher in Stillwell’s home

This is new for the series. Butcher and Stillwell do share a few scenes in the comics.

Butcher confronts Homelander

The exchange of “F U”s with their eyes and “I’m just gonna hurt ya” from Billy isn’t exactly how their shared scenes in the comics go but it’s pretty in character.

Stillwell’s death

Homelander killing Stillwell is new for the series (SPOILER: Stillwell is alive even through the final issue of the series). I think the manner that he kills her is used at some point in the comics but I can’t say for certain. Her line of “I’m scared of you” is new as well, the Stillwell in the comics is a total sociopath and isn’t scared of the Homelander.


Highlight for comic spoilers: This is uncharted territory and a major change as Becky is very much dead in the comics.

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