The Boys TV Series: Every Easter Egg and Reference in the Comic Adaptation


The Boys Declassified - Predicting Season 2

The Boys Declassified – Predicting Season 2

So where do we go from here?

We already know that the second season for the series has officially been ordered and is already in production. We know they’re bringing in at least one new hero from the comics with actress Aya Cash set to play the hero Stormfront, this is already a major change as Stormfron is a man in the comics and also a former Hitler youth member who evolved into a full blown Nazi (his name is even derived from one of the biggest white power websites on the internet). The first season proved that the series is capable of changing genders of characters to great effect, they’re not telling the exact same plot as The Boys comics anyway. How will they handle the Nazi side of Stormfront as a character? I imagine they’ll address it in some way given the current political climate of the world, but to what degree remains to be seen.

The further inclusion of Stormfront implies another major team addition to the series: Payback. With The Seven functioning as The Boys‘ version of the Justice League, Payback are The Boys’ version of The Avengers. Stormfront is both a Thor and Shazam riff for the series, who fights alongside characters like Tek-Knight (Batman and Iron Man), Soldier Boy (Captain America), Swatto (The Wasp), Mind Droid (The Vision), Crimson Countess (Scarlet Witch), and Eagle the Archer (Hawkeye). Some of these characters have already been name dropped in the first season so it stands to reason that they’ll show up in the next batch of episodes.

I doubt it will ever appear in the series, but one of the major players in the comics is a character called The Legend, a Stan Lee like analogue who knows everything there is to know about the supes. Given Lee’s passing I don’t think the character will ever appear on screen, and if he does it will be in shadow or not on screen. The also doesn’t seem to be a place for the character in the story that the series is telling either.

One piece of the series that I think will be explored further is Billy’s own backstory. Garth Ennis’ work really shines in The Boys comics when he gets to explore war and battle (something he’s become a master at writing due to the likes of Battlegrounds comics among others) and some of that is the origins of Billy himself. We still don’t know a lot about Billy in terms of the series itself, so this will fill in some gaps while bringing to life the best stories of the source material.

The elephant in the room though is the ending. Becca is alive along with the child in the series, something that couldn’t be further from the truth in the comics. I have my doubts this is a case of Doppleganger posing as Becca, though it’s certainly a possibility. Becky’s death in the comics is the driving force of Butcher’s world, so depending on what the next 60 seconds of that scene plays like it could go any number of ways. What I imagine will happen is Billy will learn that Becky couldn’t contact him and it will drive his hatred of Vought further, my sincere hope is that he doesn’t use it as leverage against her. Butcher’s love for Becky runs deep in the comics so I would hate to see him react poorly.

What do you think will happen in season two of The Boys? sound off below!

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