The Boys TV Series: Every Easter Egg and Reference in the Comic Adaptation


The Boys Declassified – Episode 5

The Boys Declassified will take each episode of the Amazon Prime Series (watch it by clicking here) and put it under a microscope, dissecting it in detail, annotating the changes made from the original comics and pointing out any worthwhile trivia or Easter eggs we might find! Read about it all below!

For parlance, any reference to “The series” means the television series, instances referencing the comic book series will note as such.

Come back and read after you’ve watched the episode because we’re talking full spoilers for the TV series; spoilers for the comic books will be noted and must be highlighted to be read. Like this, HIGHLIGHT SPOILERS: Just an example! Keep reading!

“Good for the Soul”

Once again, the title comes directly from the comics with issues #15 – #18 using the same title.

PopClaw’s death

I don’t believe PopClaw dies at all in the series, and certainly not from a drug overdose induced by A-Train. She does get her face bashed in by The Female in the comics.

Frenchie and Female

The sequence where Frenchie attempts to befriend The Female is almost exactly how it plays out in The Female’s origin issue, with a similar meal he prepares for her as well.

Believe Expo

Right out of the comics, though in the source material it’s Frenchie and The Female that carry out the reconnaissance operation at the event.

Capes for Christ

Annie cites “Capes for Christ” while talking to Hughie, seemingly lumping it in as a similar event to Believe Expo. The name Capes for Christ is pulled directly from the comics, though in the source it’s the superhero team that Annie is a member of before joining The Seven.

Easter Egg alert: The poster at the Believe Expo about “Impure thoughts” is the cover art for THE BOYS: HEROGASM #4 by artist Darick Robertson.

Drummer Boy

During her chat with the teens, one of them asks Annie about her relationship with Drummer Boy, the character that was Annie’s boyfriend in the source material before she left for New York and met Hughie. Perhaps an analogue for Marvel’s Pariot of the Young Avengers, but I can’t be certain.

Homelander & Stillwell set boundaries

The scene where Homelander confronts Stillwell for not being at the expo and she says they need to set boundaries is new for the series and the story it’s telling.

Becca’s sister

Butcher goes to Becca’s sister’s house and confronts her about a grave being put up for Becca. As far as we know in the comics Becca/Becky didn’t have a sister.
Highlight for comic spoilers: Becky is also confirmed deceased in the comics. Butcher watches her die.

Billy Zane!

Not exactly something from the books, I just find it hilarious that Billy Zane is here playing himself. Good for him for having a sense of humor!

Baptism Scene

The scene with Homelander baptizing people (and Hughie) is new for the series, but is in line with the character’s depiction in the comics as he his sinister edge is shown while holding Hughie under water.

Blackmailing Ezekial

As said before, Ezekial is new for the comics, so this sequence is new for the series as well. However, this is very in line with the comics.

Maeve’s Ex

Maeve drunkenly goes to visit her ex Lena, a new character for the series.

Annie questions her faith

Annie DOES question her faith in the source material, but not as publicly as she does here in the series. At a certain point she renounces her faith entirely but still attends Believe Expo and reads the script Vought gave her to continue selling the illusion.

Super baby

Butcher and MM find a baby dosed with V and flashing lasers out of its eyes, which Butcher then turns into a weapon to kill a few goons. This is similar to something that happens in the comics, but I’ll put it behind a MAJOR spoiler warning.
Highlight for comic spoilers: No seriously, this is a major comic spoiler. In the comics, Becky is raped by a supe, and the fetus kills her after clawing its way out of her. Butcher wakes up in the night to see the floating, laser eye’d baby in their bedroom and kills it with a lamp.

Stillwell plays Mommy with Homelander

As mentioned previously, Stillwell is a man in the comics, so this scene is all new for the series. Makes sense for the story they’re telling though.

The Female fights Black Noir

This fight scene is new for the series. Black Noir doesn’t actually do much at all in the source material, and never something this active. After being attacked by Black Noir, The Female regenerates a gaping wound in her side with Wolverine like quickness. This is new as the characters dosed with Compound V in the comics can’t heal this quickly from their wounds, even ones less severe than hers.

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