Krypton Season 2 Episode 3 Recap


Krypton Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Krypton Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Krypton Season 2 Episode 3 has Seg and Adam on the run from a regenerated Lobo. Brainiac is in control, pushing Seg’s body with little regard for Adam’s ability to keep up. Brainiac still needs Seg’s body as a host so that the villain can reconstruct himself after sustaining dmage in the escape from the Phantom Zone. Brainiac has access to all of Seg’s knowledge and memories, creating a mental reproduction of the Fortress of Solitude to try and ensnare Seg and convince him to stop fighting Brainiac for control. Seg, however, has access to Brainiac’s knowledge and memories as well. Seg constructs a plan to purge Brainiac from himself, allowing Seg and Adam to return to Krypton without bringing Brainaic along for the ride.

The Battle for Wegthor

Krypton Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

With the intel that Nyssa provided, the rebels on Wegthor capture supplies, including critical oxygenators that allow the Kryptonians to breathe on Wegthor’s hostile surface. Though Jax thinks the timing of Nyssa’s intel and the attack are a little too convenient, Val trusts Nyssa to the point of having her guard removed. Nyssa uses her newfound freedom to seduce her old trainer — now working as a scientist on Wegthor — on order to steal data on the codex.

Jax interrogates the prisoners. Val suggests that many are conscripts who are working for Zod because they had no choice. Going easy on them may lead some to joining the rebels. With what Jax learns and the resources they plundered, the rebels are planning to push the fight all the way to the elevator that runs between Krypton and Wegthor.

In Kandor, Lyta advises Zod to pull the fighting out of the mines on Wegthor and keep it on the surface. She pleads with Zod to let her lead the attack on Wegthor and end the war. Zod continues his reluctance, but eventually relents to her wishes, though he remains uneasy about doing so. Zod recounts how he watched Lyta die in the alternate timeline after pain and guilt over Kandor’s bottling eventually wore her down. He says that he can’t bear to lose her again.

Meanwhile, Jayna realizes that the Sagitari she encountered in the Outlands weren’t looking for her. Everyone thought her dead. The traitor they were after is Dev. Jayna attempts to get Dev to rejoin the fight in an effort to save Lyta. Dev tells her that Lyta has become Zod’s right hand, his Primus. There is no going back for him, and there’s no saving Lyta.

Birthing a Brainiac

Krypton Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Seg uses Brainiac’s memories to find the chamber where the Coluans created Brainiac. By interfacing with the planet’s mainframe, Seg believes he can pull Brainiac out of his body into a newly-constructed body. Though Adam isn’t sure that leading Brainiac to a supercomputer is the best idea, they are left with no other choice as Lobo closes in on them.

Once interfaced with the computer, Seg squares off with Brainiac in the mental Fortress. Brainiac knows that Seg is keeping something from him and manipulates Seg’s emotions in an attempt to reveal Seg’s secret and to convince Seg to give up his fight to remain in control of his body. Seg seems to be on the verge of giving into Brainiac when the villain takes the form of Lyta and tells Seg that they can remain in this place together forever, but Seg reveals it was just a ruse in order to buy time.

Meanwhile, Lobo confronts Adam while Seg is unconscious. The chamber’s forcefield keeps Lobo out, severing the main man’s arm. Adam thinks that there is no way that Lobo can get into the chamber, but Lobo knows better. Turning his gun on himself, Lobo blows his own head off. Instead of the bulk of Lobo’s body regrowing a new arm, being headless allows that body to die and for the severed arm inside the chamber to regenerate a new head and body.

Seg awakens and rescues Adam from the top half of the regenerated Lobo. Unhooked from the mainframe, Seg is free from Brainiac, whose new body is being built in the chamber. Adam and Seg zeta beam back to Krypton, leaving half a Lobo to kill the under-construction Brainiac.

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