Swamp Thing Episode 3 Recap


Swamp Thing Episode 3 Recap

Swamp Thing Episode 3 Recap

Swamp Thing Episode 3 sees Alec haunted by what he has done as the Swamp Thing. The guy that the Swamp Thing ripped apart in the previous episode warns Alec in a vision that he is coming back to get him. Insects swarm the pieces of the guy’s corpse, pulling them back together and animating the body, like a human puppet filled with bugs.

Abby & The Green Flu

Swamp Thing Episode 3 Recap

Abby tells Liz that there is a man covered in plant matter living in the swamp, which is why Susie ran away from the hospital. Susie told Abby that the man is Alec and that he’s confused and afraid by what’s happening to him. Abby is called back to the hospital where her supervisor at the CDC has come in to try a different approach with the patients, since none are getting better. He puts the patients on an increased antibiotic load. Abby visits a sleeping Susie, hoping to find out more about Alec. Instead, Abby finds Harlan, who sat with Susie during the night, infected with the green flu.

With her co-worker infected, Abby tells Liz that she’s going to Alec’s lab to try and find something in his notes to help stop the epidemic and cure the affected. While Abby goes over Alec’s research notes, bugs swarm and slip through the cracks into the lab. The villain crashes through the window. Abby manages to fight him off until Swamp Thing bursts into the lab. The creatures battle, with the Swamp Thing getting the upper hand and ordering the insects to get out of the body. Abby and Alec reconnect. She tells Alec that she needs him to help find a cure that will restore him to the man she knew. Abby asks why the illness is fighting them. Swamp Thing tells her it’s not fighting, it’s fighting back. Abby rushes back to the hospital and administers an immuno-suppressant to Harlan, which brings him out of his coma. Abby orders the same for the rest of the patients, which sees them all improve.

Abby goes to the bar for a drink. Matt finds her there and asks Abby why she’s not celebrating her big win at the hospital. Matt finally works up the nerve to ask Abby to dance. The Swamp Thing watches them through the window.

Liz & Avery’s Finances

Swamp Thing Episode 3 Recap

Liz approaches Gordon Haas on his way to work at the Marais Savings & Loan. She tells him that she knows he has been making personal loans to Avery Sunderland and that if he talks to her now, she’ll keep his name out of the paper. Haas shows up uninvited at Avery’s home and tells him that he has 24 hours to repay the loans or he is talking to the press and everyone will know that Avery is up to his eyeballs in debt.

The sheriff visits Avery as well, asking whether he has any information that might provide a lead in Alec’s death. Avery says he hardly knew the man, that he was nothing more than a scientist hired to help with a project. Avery comes onto the sheriff, with whom he has had affairs int eh past whenever things are bad between he and Maria. She walks away when she hears Maria upstairs. Maria watches the sheriff leave from the bathroom window. Shawna’s ghost tells Maria that Avery is unfaithful and only keeping her around for her family’s money.

Avery seems to confirm this when he asks Maria for money to cover the loans, telling her it is to finance further research. Maria tells Avery no, that she’s tired of draining her savings to finance his attempt at grandeur. Frustrated, Avery breaks into Haas’s house and beats him to death. As Avery is cleaning up, Liz knocks at the door, trying to get a story out of Haas. Avery watches her leave through the peephole.

Woodrue & His Research

Swamp Thing Episode 3 Recap

Jason has been given access to the hospital morgue, where he collects a sample from Eddie’s corpse. Abby finds him cold and emotionless in his work. At home, however, Jason is driven to find a cure for his wife’s early-onset Alzheimer’s. He tells her after one of her episodes that he’ll find a way to save her because he can’t face a life without her.

Xanadu & The Blue Devil

Swamp Thing Episode 3 Recap

Xanadu breaks into the video store and is there when Danny returns. He is in Marais on a mission and has been stuck here for the past 8 years, unable to go on or to go home. He asks Xanadu for a tarot reading, knowing that the reading will show the exact same 3 cards it always does. Xanadu performs the reading, and while it reveals the same cards, they are reversed. She says that she doesn’t know what it is, but something has changed in Danny’s fortune. Danny thinks it’s Abby’s presence in Marais.

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