Swamp Thing Episode 2 Recap


Swamp Thing Episode 2 Recap

Swamp Thing Episode 2 Recap

Swamp Thing Episode 2 has Abby and the local sheriff’s department investigating Alec’s boat explosion. Abby insists that the explosion is tied to Alec following a lead on the illegal dumping of the accelerant into the swamp. The Sheriff Cable seems unconcerned about the fact that they haven’t found any human remains on the scene, nor in Abby’s insistence that she saw something or someone in the swamp.


Swamp Thing Episode 2 Recap

Abby crashes at Liz’s place for the night. Liz shares Abby’s suspicion that the timing of the explosion and Alec’s investigation doesn’t look like a coincidence. Abby shares that Alec thought there might be a connection between the accelerant and the outbreak of the mysterious illness that has claimed two more victims. With the police going through Alec’s lab, there’s no way that Abby can take a look at the research unless she can convince Avery — the man who hired Alec in the first place — to let her have access to the files.

In spite of Liz’s warnings, Abby goes to see Avery. Avery spins a story about how he misses Abby and that he never held her responsible for Shawna’s death like Maria did. Avery says that if he had only spoken up, then perhaps Abby wouldn’t have stayed away for the past 14 years. Abby explains that Alec was investigating a connection between the accelerant and the outbreak and that she is requesting that Avery allow her access to Alec’s work. Avery refuses on the ground that he paid a lot of money for that proprietary research and that if he gives it to Abby, then he’ll lose his chance to profit from said research.

Once Abby leaves, Avery summons doctors Jason and Caroline Woodrue. They are the scientists that Avery paid to develop the accelerant. The serum was meant to enhance tree growth, thereby quickly draining the swamp for land development and resource exploitation. Avery says that if there is a discovered link between the accelerant and the outbreak, then his name will be all over it. He warns them to find a cure or go down with him.

Liz takes Abby to a local video store where the owner, Danny Cassidy, had rented out a back room to Alec. After Alec was fired, Danny let Alec upload his video journal entries onto the laptop in the shop. Abby borrows the laptop to review the entries, learning that Alec had a thing for her, as she did for him.


Swamp Thing Episode 2 Recap

Abby being back in town has caused Maria to revisit her trauma over losing Shawna. She sleeps in Shawna’s bed, trying to feel close to her daughter. Maria visits Madame Xanadu, telling her that she feels Shawna calling to her. Xanadu tries to help Maria, but when she touches Maria, Xanadu is struck with a terrible vision of Shawna’s dead body come to life. Xanadu warns Maria that something has upset the balance between light and dark in the swamp and that Maria should leave well enough alone and let her daughter go.


Swamp Thing Episode 2 Recap

Susie shares a connection to Alec. She seems to feel what he’s feeling and think what he’s thinking. As Alec tries to rip the plant matter from his body, Susie mimics his actions, ripping the monitors from her body. Susie wakes from the vision of a changed Alec in the swamp. She tries to explain to Dr. Edwards that the “man in the darkness” is in pain and doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. She wants to go to him. A tree branch tapping against her window makes Susie’s escape possible when it punches through the glass.

Abby and Matt go to the swamp to search for Susie. They discover that she has stowed away on the game warden’s boat, which is headed to Skeeter Cove, where Susie’s father’s boat was found. The sheriff warns Matt that in spite of his feelings for Abby, she is going to leave town once this is over. Sheriff Cable tells her son not to get to close to her. While searching the swamp, Matt tells Abby that he had a crush on her in high school. He’s surprised that she didn’t know.

The game warden comes upon a couple of locals hauling in the dropped boxes. One of the men attacks the warden, telling the other to finish the job while he sinks the warden’s boat. Susie slips into the water and escapes to an old, flooded cabin, but she is pursued by the killer. Alec wakes from his rest. Feeling Susie’s terror, he goes to her. The killer stabs Alec repeatedly, but Alec’s wounds stitch themselves closed. Alec roars and the swamp vegetation grabs the killer and rips him apart.

Matt and Abby find the warden’s boat. Matt goes after the other boat while Abby stays and tries — unsuccessfully — to try and save the warden. Abby hears Susie’s screams and follows them to the cabin, where Susie is with Alec. Abby convinces Susie to come to her and they are picked up by Matt. Susie explains to Abby that the creature she was with is a man who doesn’t understand what is happening to him. Abby asks if he said anything else. Susie tells her that his name is Alec.

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