Swamp Thing Episode 01 Recap


Swamp Thing Episode 01 Recap

Swamp Thing Episode 01 Recap

The Swamp Thing series premiere begins with a group of guys — two local fishermen and a corporate science type — dropping boxes attached to buoys into the swamps of Marais, Louisiana at precise locations. Unseen by the three, the swamp’s roots, branches, and vines grow and spread around them, eventually reaching into the water and attacking the boat. Two of the three are killed by the flora while the third, Eddie Coyle, swims away from the destroyed boat and pulls himself ashore.

Abby Arcane

Swamp Thing Episode 01 Recap

Eddie’s daughter Susie collapses at school due to a mysterious illness. She is the first of four patients who are infected in Marais. Hoping to act before the illness becomes an epidemic, the CDC sends Dr. Abby Arcane to Marais to investigate.

Abby grew up in Marais. She was best friends with another local, Shawna Sunderland. The Sunderlands were like a second family to Abby. Two days before Abby and Shawna were to graduate from high school, Shawna was killed. Abby blames herself for Shawna’s death, as do Shawna’s parents, Maria and Avery Sunderland. Maria tells Abby that the only reason she is letting Abby remain in town is on the promise that Abby can help. The minute the crisis is over, Maria wants Abby gone.

Alec Holland

Swamp Thing Episode 01 Recap

At the hospital, Abby runs into Alec Holland, who tells Abby that she won’t find answers to this illness in the CDC handbook and that she is going to want to talk with him eventually.. While out checking the Coyle house to see whether or not Eddie has returned, Abby runs into Alec again. Alec is collecting samples of the biological material in the house. Alec points out Eddie’s corpse in the bathroom, which has all manner of plant material bursting from it.

Alec is a biologist hired and fired by Avery Sunderland to investigate a biological substance in the swamp that targets and accelerates mutagens, causing them to evolve at a rapid pace. Previously, Alec falsified data to support his conclusions in a separate investigation. He works for Sunderland both because his reputation doesn’t lend to many higher profile jobs and because he is thrilled by discovery. Alec believes the presence of the mutagen is tied to the mysterious illnesses.

The Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing Episode 01 Recap

After escaping an attack by the sentient flora bursting out of Eddie during his autopsy, Abby and Alec meet with Abby’s friend Liz, a local reporter, to find out what Eddie has been up to. Liz says that someone has been hiring local fishermen to go out into the swamp late at night. Following the tip, Abby and Alec track down Eddie’s destroyed boat. There, they find a laptop with drop coordinates and a box with an enhanced form of the mutagen rigged to an underwater delivery system.

Alec heads out to find the rest of the boxes when he is shot by an unidentified assailant. Alec slips into the water as the assailant dynamites Alec’s boat. In the water, the flora engulfs Alec while he bleeds out.

Abby sees the explosion and investigates. The flora attack her boat, knocking Abby into the water. Flora chases after her, then retreats.  Alec stumbles out of the water, transformed into the Swamp Thing. Abby runs away. Alec, still reeling from being shot and the transformation, watches her go.

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