Charmed Season 1 Finale Recap


  Charmed Season 1 Finale Recap

Charmed Season 1 Finale Recap

In the previous episode of The CW’s Charmed, Galvin sacrificed himself to save those infected with the Harbinger virus, and Macy took on the Source. In the season finale of Charmed, Macy used her new powers to bring back Galvin and Marisol.

Sacrifice Undone

Galvin awoke, confused and believing he had sacrificed himself. Macy acted like nothing had happened. When Macy came downstairs, she overheard her sisters and Harry voicing their concerns about Macy’s powers. When Mel was alone with Galvin, he told her something felt off. Mel confirmed that Macy brought him back to life. Unfortunately, this had consequences, as two people, who he had saved, died of cardiac arrest. Death had to be repaid.

Together with Mom

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When Macy saw that she was scaring Maggie and Mel, she decided to bring back Marisol to make them feel safe. The first time, her mother died after seeing her because of the necromancer’s curse. The next try, Macy went to the necromancer, who would need to put the sacrifice on someone else. Instead of Macy, it was Mel who grew up separately.

In that universe, Harry got into Mel’s rideshare, and they felt like they knew each other. Just like with Niko, their noses started bleeding because of the conflicting memories. Harry took Mel to where the memory restoration potion for whitelighters was kept. They drank it and brought some to Maggie. With their memories restored, they retrieved the prism to trap the Source. Macy showed up and destroyed the prism easily and relocated them to New York. Unfortunately, Marisol died anyway, without Mel’s presence.

Macy tried again and this time created a world where Marisol never brought her back. The potion’s effects were still active, so despite waking up in a post-apocalyptic world, they remembered and told Marisol. Marisol helped them with a spell to take them back to the moment where their sisterly bonds fractured and gave them Macy’s necklace to trap the Source.

No Matter What

Charmed Season 1 Episode 22 Recap

They realized that Macy was hurting because she feared abandonment. When they tried to take her Source powers, she reacted with force. However, they refused to leave her side, no matter what. This calmed Macy down, and the Charmed Ones were able to perform the ritual to remove the Source. They trapped it in the yin yang pendant, which split into three pieces. Each of the sisters would hide one of the pieces on separate parts of the world, and Harry would wipe their memories. No one could have that power.

After a trip to Marisol’s grave, Mel went to Niko but eventually turned away. Maggie went to see Parker, who had to leave town to deal with his demon side. He wanted Maggie to come with him, but she couldn’t leave her sisters after all her mother sacrificed to bring them together. After Galvin’s memorial service, a group of magical creatures, some they have helped in the past, visited the Charmed Ones. Without the Elders, they were now in charge of the magical world.

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