Charmed Season 1 Episode 21 Recap

Charmed Season 1 Episode 21 Recap

Charmed Season 1 Episode 21 Recap

In the previous episode of The CW’s Charmed, Hunter killed all the Elders except for Charity, and the Charmed Ones vanquished him. In Charmed Season 1 Episode 21, the sisters realized that Hunter’s death released the Harbinger virus.


Galvin called the Charmed Ones to the hospital where the Cinco de Mayo party attendees had come in, bleeding out of their eyes and noses. While there, Mel noticed Niko among them, though she was just bleeding from her nose. While the others were infected with the Harbinger virus, as Macy determined, Niko’s was a reaction to learning the truth of her altered history.

The sisters instructed Galvin to have the infected quarantined. Niko should be safe among them since she was wearing the protection ring. Unfortunately, Greta arrived and removed Niko’s ring since she was jealous of Mel.

The Empathic Plane

Charmed Season 1 Episode 21 Recap

Maggie could hear Parker calling to her. Harry helped her reach an empathic plane where they could communicate. Parker told her to protect Charity, since she was the last remaining sage from the prophecy. Harry knew she would be at the Garden of Latebra. She had unearthed a plant needed for a spell to help her evade detection. However, since it hadn’t bloomed enough, Charity needed Mel’s powers to speed up the plant’s growth.

Parker attacked in Latebra and claimed it was all a plan for Maggie to lead him to Charity. Harry escaped with Charity. Maggie couldn’t vanquish Parker since she sensed the human Parker was still there. In the Vortex Viribus, Harry was able to get the plant to bloom, but Fiona had found them. She killed Charity, and the last sage fell.


Charmed Season 1 Episode 21 Recap

The infected were reacting violently, and the virus was spreading. Galvin suggested using the ritual he was going to use on Macy to remove the demon in her. Macy apologized for involving him in magic, but Galvin told her that he loved her. He performed the ritual but didn’t tell Macy that it required a sacrifice. Macy and Harry tried to stop him. The ritual killed him, but it worked. Those infected were no longer attacking, and the virus dissipated.

The Source

Since Charity had died, the blood rain came, in accordance to the prophecy. Alistair had taken Maggie to use her as bait for Parker, who had disappeared after the fight. The sisters searched for them in the eye of the storm.

Fiona called the black flame to surround Maggie. Since Macy had previously removed her immortality, it killed her. Alistair wanted Parker to step into the flame and take on the Source to save Maggie. However, Macy, another demon born of a human, took the Origin Dagger from within Parker and placed it in herself. She stepped into the fire and took on the Source to save Maggie. She stopped the blood rain and vanquished Alistair.

Back at home, everyone was uneasy about Macy’s new powers, but she had all the control. She went back to Galvin’s body, and his eyes opened.

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