Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 8 Recap


Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 8

Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episode of Deadly Class, Marcus recruited Saya, Billy, and the Scorpio Slasher and located Chester. Meanwhile, Maria continued to struggle with Chico’s death and as a result killed Yukio, a high ranking member of the Japanese crime syndicate. What does this next installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap Deadly Class season 1 episode 8 ‘The Clampdown’!


Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 8

Master Gao instructed Sheb to watch Marcus closely and relay all of Marcus’ moves to her. On the roof, the entire group was playing a game of Monopoly, when Saya came and told Marcus about Yukio’s death. Maria interrupted their conversation and dragged Marcus into privacy. Once they were alone, Maria confessed to murdering Yukio to Marcus, he was unhappy about this. The entire school was abuzz with the news of Yukio’s murder. The entire student body was sent back to their rooms at the orders of Master Lin. He placed the school on lockdown until he learned who was responsible for Yukio’s death. Marcus attempted to pick the lock on his room, but had no success, Meanwhile, Billy and Lex attempted to get high using some make-up supplies.

Convenient Supplies

Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 8

Saya was locked up with Sheb, she promised to kill Juan, a member of the Mexican cartel who had attempted to kill her recently. Masters Lin and Gao relaxed with a glass of brandy and apologized to each other for their past mistakes. Master Gao threatened to kill Lin’s family If he did not solve the mystery surrounding both Chico’s and Yukio’s deaths.  Meanwhile, Petra surprisingly pitched the idea of a threesome to Lex and Billy, they quickly agreed to it. Elsewhere, Marcus, Victor, and Willie got into a fight over music and the state of artistry in the modern world. Marcus used some liquid nitrogen to freeze the lock on his door and went into the hallway. Master Lin quickly captured Marcus and began to torture him for information. The other students were taken for lunch and Saya prepared to kill Juan with a toothbrush fashioned into a shiv.


Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 8

In the lunchroom, Saya tried to kill Juan, but Maria stopped her. Master Gao apprehended Maria and took her to be questioned. After a relentless round of torture, Marcus explained Chico and Yukio’s murders to Master Lin. Master Lin left the room to go and explain the murders to Diablo, Chico’s father. Diablo was angry about Master Lin’s inability to punish those responsible for Chico’s death. Meanwhile, Maria had been tied up for questioning, when one of Saya’s friends came in brandishing a knife. She began to sadistically toy with Maria, until Saya barged in and rescued Maria. Maria confessed to killing Yukio to Saya, and explained her reasoning. Saya quickly forgave Maria’s actions. Master Lin returned to King’s Dominion and released the students from lockdown.

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