The Umbrella Academy Episode 5 Recap


The Umbrella Academy Episode 5

The Umbrella Academy Episode 5 Recap

The Umbrella Academy episode 5 begins with us following Five dragging Dolores in a wagon through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. We’re with Five as a teenager in the desert, as an older man dragging his wagon through a blizzard, and as an older, grayer gentleman sitting with Dolores as plant life has retaken the ruins of civilization. It’s here that Five meets Handler, a representative of The Commission. She is recruiting Five to become a time traveling assassin whose job it is to protect the timeline by killing those who would try to alter history. Five agrees to a five year contract, using his time with The Commission to work out a way to go back and save his family and the rest of the world from the apocalypse.

Bar Fights and Snow Pops

The Umbrella Academy Episode 5

Klaus returns to the present after serving 10 months in Vietnam in 1968. There, Klaus fell in love with another soldier named Dave. After Dave was killed, Klaus came back. In his sadness and fury, Klaus smashes the briefcase.

Diego is still mourning Patch. At first he blames Five for bringing them all into this mess with Hazel and Cha Cha, but in the end Diego blame himself. Diego heads to the donut shop to find Hazel and Cha Cha and get his revenge. Klaus goes with him, asking to be dropped off at the VFW hall on the way. There, Klaus starts a barroom brawl.

Diego and Klaus spot Hazel leaving the shop after spending time with Agnes over her lunch break. The two follow the assassins back to the hotel. Diego is spotted by Hazel, and the assassins escape, shooting out Diego’s tires so he and Klaus can’t follow them. Klaus steals the ice cream truck instead.

Moral Compass

The Umbrella Academy Episode 5

Five tells Luther everything about his life as a hitman for The Commission. Luther can’t believe that Five would murder innocent people. Five says it doesn’t matter because unless he can stop the apocalypse, everyone is going to be dead in four days, including the entire family.

Five begins working out the equation to determine the best way to stop the end of the world. He reduces it down to four names. Probability dictates that one of these guys might trigger the apocalypse, and killing them is their best chance of stopping it. Luther still believes that Five is good and wouldn’t do this. Instead, Five comes up with another plan. He lures Hazel and Cha Cha out to a deserted road hoping to exchange a chance to speak with Handler for what Five tells them is the briefcase that Klaus stole.

Things break down when Klaus and Diego show up. Handler arrives and freezes time so that she and Five can speak alone. She offers Five a desk job as management for The Commission if he gives up trying to stop the apocalypse. Five agrees to do so on the condition that all of his siblings somehow survive the apocalypse to come. The deal is struck over a handshake and Five teleports away with Handler.

First Chair

The Umbrella Academy Episode 5

Vanya is feeling better than ever without her meds. Allison tries to research Leonard, but can’t find much more than an address. When Allison tells Vanya, Vanya get defesive. She’s never had someone care about and believe in her like this before. Allison finds Leonard’s house and breaks in, searching for something amiss. Before she can check the attic–where Helen’s corpse rests beside Hargreeves’s trashed diary–Leonard returns, forcing Allison to sneak her way back out before she is caught.

Vanya plays her violin at an audition for first chair after Helen suddenly stopped attending rehearsals. Vanya has never played without her meds before. As she plays and gains confidence in herself, she emits a force that enraptures those listening to her play. Afterward, she goes to Leonard’s house to tell him the good news. She made first chair. Leonard tells Vanya that this is her time now. The two begin to make out on the couch, causing more of the waves to flow from Vanya.

The Children Can Never Know

The Umbrella Academy Episode 5

Pogo restores Mother. Cryptically, he asks her if she remembers what happened. Mom says she does. Pogo asks if she understands that the children can never know. She does.

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