The Umbrella Academy Episode 2 Recap


The Umbrella Academy Episode 2

The Umbrella Academy Episode 2 Recap

The Umbrella Academy episode 2 opens with a flashback. The kids are sitting to dinner with Hargreeves when Five beaks protocol and speaks. He wants to try jumping through time. Hargreeves says absolutely not. It’s too dangerous. There is no way to know the kind of damage time travel could cause to the mind and body. Furious, Five walks out, unexcused, and into the street, where he makes short jumps through time. His final jump takes Five into the post-apocalyptic future he warned Vanya about. Five sees the Academy in ruins. In the rubble, five finds Luther holding a prosthetic eyeball. Five takes the eye, believing it to belong to the person who is responsible for bringing about the end of life on earth.

Obstruction of Justice

The Umbrella Academy Episode 2

Diego heads to the donut shop crime scene, where he is caught by Detective Patch, a former police academy classmate and lover. Patch takes Diego in to the precinct and warns him that the next time he’s caught sneaking around her crime scene she’ll have him arrested. Diego tells her that they’re on the same side and he can help her. He tries to convince Patch to quit the force and become a vigilante with him. She says Diego is trying to prove that the hero stuff he did as a kid was somehow worthwhile.

Diego mops the floor at a local gym in exchange for living in the boiler room. Luthor sneaks in and cases the place while Diego is away, finding out that Diego was boxing the night that Hargreeves died. When Diego returns, Luthor asks why Diego didn’t tell him he had an alibi. Diego says he doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone.

Home Movies

The Umbrella Academy Episode 2

Allison misses her daughter. She calls her ex-husband, who gives Allison a hard time for missing a session to attend her father’s funeral. Allison tells Luthor that she used to read Claire books about the moon and tell her that her uncle was up there protecting them. While Allison wanted to get away from the Academy, she didn’t want to leaver her siblings behind. Vanya tries to console Allison, but Allison pushes her away, saying that Vanya always separated herself from other people, including them. Vanya blames that on Hargreeves, but Allison says they’re adults now. There’s no one to blame for how they act toward one another anymore.

Vanya calls Pogo and asks him to check in on Allison. Pogo tries to help Allison by showing her the room where Hargreeves monitored and recorded the kids. He says he comes here sometime and watches the videos when he’s missing the kids. Allison finds a tape with the label removed and plays it. When Luthor returns, contrite for having suspected Diego, Allison says that Luthor was right to suspect something amiss in their father’s death.

New Student

The Umbrella Academy Episode 2

Back at her apartment, Vanya’s new student comes for his violin lesson. He’s an adult, not a kid. He doesn’t even own a violin. His father recently passed away, and he loved the violin. Leonard has come to learn the instrument as a way to try and understand his father better. He tells Vanya that he is a woodworker and that she should come by his workshop sometime. Vanya says she is busy, once again pulling back from interacting with another person.

Like Father, Like Son

The Umbrella Academy Episode 2

Five finds the medical prosthesis company that manufactured the eye. Five is unable to get any information on his own, so he offer to pay Klaus $20 to pose as his father. Klaus is game, since he is out of money after trashing the contents of the box he stole from Hargreeves’s office and pawned the box itself for drug money. At the company’s office, Klaus beats Five and himself in order to blackmail the manager into giving them the information they want. Unfortunately, there is no information. The eye with that serial number hasn’t been manufactured yet. Five tries to convince Klaus that sometime within the next 7 days, someone will lose an eye, that prosthetic eye will be made and purchased, and that person will kill all of humanity.

Vanya has questioned whether Five actually saw the future or if it is time travel playing with his mind. Klaus doesn’t seem to care. Back at the Academy, Luthor asks if there is anything he can do to help Five, but Five says they’re all useless.

Hazel and Cha Cha

The Umbrella Academy Episode 2

Two assassins, Hazel and Cha Cha, have traveled through time to hunt down Five. Mistaking the tow truck driver from the donut shop for old man Five, they torture Syd. From what he tells them, Hazel and Cha Cha discover that Five is in a younger body and that he is looking for Gimbels department store. The two corner Five there, but lose him when the police arrive. At the store, Five reunites with a mannequin he named Dolores in the future, which helped him get through 30 years as the last person on earth.

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