Sex Education Season 1 Episode 8 Recap


Sex Education Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Sex Education Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Sex Education, everyone attended a dance at Moordale, and Otis discovered Jean’s work in progress about him. The season finale of Sex Education picked up as everyone got ready for school the next day.

Glenoxi and Lord Zortac

Lily found someone at the dance who liked her and wanted to have sex with her. She set up an elaborate staging of her characters. Unfortunately, her vagina wouldn’t allow him entry. Lily went to Otis for advice. He concluded she was experiencing “vaginismus”, a reaction to fear of penetration. Because Lily wanted to have sex, Otis explained that her fear was of letting go. After they rode their bike down a hill, Lily admitted she wanted to have sex so badly because she feared being left behind.


Sex Education Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Maeve admitted to Jackson that she didn’t love him. Jackson knew she had feelings for Otis. Mr. Groff called Maeve and Otis to his office. Speaking with Maeve alone, he suspected she was using Otis as a mule for an on-campus drug ring. Mr. Groff threatened to call the police on Sean, so she said the drugs were from her. A tribunal would determine if she would continue at Moordale. Mr. Groff let Otis off with a warning, although Maeve wouldn’t tell him what happened.

During Maeve’s tribunal, she made her case. They hadn’t made their decision yet, but until then, she was barred from campus. When she was cleaning out her locker, Aimee left with her and dumped the Untouchables. Jackson agreed to compete in the county championship under the condition that Maeve wouldn’t be expelled. He won, but Mr. Groff said he didn’t accept bribes.

Born a Bully

Sex Education Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Eric would be serving his detention with Adam. Adam made Eric clean up the music room himself . They argued when Eric pointed out that Adam’s father bullied him. They wrestled to the ground and started making out. Adam performed oral sex on Eric and refused to talk about it afterwards. In chemistry the next day, Adam sat next to Eric and touched his hand. When Adam couldn’t be at detention, Hendricks let Eric go home. He rode his bike to Adam’s house and watched as a uniformed man took Adam to Mountview Military.

Not Calm! Not Rational!

Sex Education Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Otis confronted Jean about what she had written about him. He printed it out, marked it up, and gave them back to her. A publisher was interested in seeing more chapters. She assured Otis his name would be changed. He called her a hypocrite who crossed parental boundaries.

When a pipe under the sink burst, she called Jakob. He sent Ola over to fix it. Jean went to Otis’ school the next day to apologize, and they made up. She went over to Jakob’s to explain that they couldn’t be together because Otis liked Ola. Jakob understood, but they immediately went inside and had sex.

Otis went to the store where Ola worked. He apologized to her and tried to show her he liked her. Ola walked him home, and they kissed. Maeve saw them; she had come by to see Otis after he stole the essay award from Mr. Groff’s office for her.

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