Sex Education Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Sex Education Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Sex Education, Eric tried to toughen up like his father wanted, and Sean came home after being gone for four months. In Sex Education season 1 episode 7, Moordale held a fairy tale themed dance.

No Means No

Liam was desperately asking Lizzie to the Happily Ever After Ball with grand gestures. He went to Otis for advice, but he insisted that Liam stop with the grand gestures because she already said no. At the ball, Sean sold Liam some Percocet. He tried another grand gesture that left him holding on for his life. When Lizzie rebuffed him again, he considered jumping. Otis talked him down, but Liam ended up falling on his way to safety. He was okay, but Mr. Groff had to wheel him away to an ambulance. When Liam forgot his jacket, Mr. Groff found the rest of the Percocet. He knew that Sean had been on campus.

The Food Chain

Sex Education Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Despite hating dances, Otis invited Ola. While in the bathroom, Maeve, clearly jealous, informed Ola of Otis’ inexperience. Ola told Otis she hadn’t had sex yet. When she asked about his relationship with Maeve, Otis explained how he saw Maeve as being unattainable. Ola left upset because of how he compared the two of them.

With Ola gone, Otis was alone at the dance… until Eric showed up. Earlier, Eric had met a brightly-dressed man who wore makeup and nail polish and went to church with his family. He decided to go to dance as himself. He wore a colorful outfit and flashy makeup. His father drove him to the dance. They talked and hugged. When Eric walked in, Otis apologized and asked him to dance during the couples’ dance. Eric accepted his apology, and they danced with Eric leading.


Sex Education Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Jackson had assumed that he and Maeve would be going to the dance together. Maeve went dress shopping with her brother, Sean. The perfect dress was too expensive. However, Sean went on the PA and lied about their parents dying so shoppers would buy the dress for Maeve.

Sean encouraged Jackson to get drunk at the dance, even though he had practice in the morning. Jackson got drunk and told Maeve that he paid Otis to tell him about her interests. Sean had taken Jackson’s car, and Maeve brought him home. He argued with his mother and ran out of the house. Jackson asked to stay at Maeve’s, and she comforted him and brought him inside.


Sex Education Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Jean purposefully broke her kitchen sink. She called Jakob, who came over when Ola met Otis for the dance. They finally slept together. While Jakob worked on the sink in Jean’s infamous yellow robe, she mentioned that some men feel observed if they’re with a therapist. Jakob revealed that his wife died of cancer and that it was the first time he had sex since. He wanted to get to know her, but Jean apologized for giving him the wrong idea. When Otis and Eric came back from the dance, Dan was there instead of Jakob. While in the kitchen, Otis found Jean’s work in progress about him.

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