Tidelands Season 1 Episode 8 Recap


Tidelands Season 1 Episode 8

Tidelands Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

In the previous episode of Tidelands, Adrielle executed Bill, Augie was taken prisoner by Gregori and Calliope saw the corpse of her father. What does this final installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap Tidelands season 1 episode 8 ‘The Queen’s Knife!’

Promises Made

Tidelands Season 1 Episode 8

Calliope became concerned when she found Corey stabbed and dying on the morgue floor. She managed to kill his assailant with Corey’s handgun, and Calliope attempted to use her Tidelander powers to heal Corey, but he died before she could. Calliope found her assassin’s phone and called Adrielle. She threatened to kill Adrielle, and learned that she had taken Augie prisoner. Gregori was pleased to see Augie being brought in by Adrielle, and she explained her reasoning to Dylan. While Dylan was very resistant to idea, Adrielle persuaded him with promises of Sirens. Calliope went to Rosa’s bar and told her about Adrielle’s plan. Rosa then explained her role in bringing Gregori to the town.

The Art of Gift-giving

Tidelands Season 1 Episode 8

Calliope returned to her childhood bedroom and found a piece of the horn that her father had secretly given her as a birthday present. Calliope used the shard to see that Adrielle had sacrificed her father to summon a Siren. The police chief went to the morgue and met with Adrielle while she was searching for Lamar. But Lamar found her and tried to save the chief. Lamar only managed to flee from Adrielle. Augie awoke to find himself tied to a chair and made one last ditch effort to convince Dylan of Adrielle’s poor leadership. Adrielle explained to Augie her reasoning and told Augie about the Sirens. Augie explained that he already knew about the Sirens and thought they were monsters. Calliope had managed to infiltrate the Tidelander settlement and attempted to gain entry into Adrielle’s base, but she was unable to do so. Two Tidelander children sympathetic to Calliope’s cause offered to help her. Dylan snuck into the morgue and discovered what had happened there. Unfortunately, Calliope was quickly captured by Adrielle.

Chaos Ensues

Tidelands Season 1 Episode 8

Calliope awoke in find herself in a prison cell being watched over by Adrielle, before explained her plan to her and left. Dylan returned and brought Gregori to see Adrielle and Augie. Adrielle took Gregori to see the horn, while one of the children freed Calliope from her cell. Dylan found Calliope sneaking through the house and agreed to help her kill Adrielle. Back with Gregori, he had set-up Adrielle and threatened to kill her unless she handed over the shards. Chaos was unleashed and Adrielle was stabbed by one of the children, Calliope finished her off. Gregori had captured Augie and took him to the beach to summon a Siren with him. Calliope and Augie managed to kill Gregori and inadvertently summoned a Siren. Unfortunately for Calliope, Dylan managed to save Adrielle from dying, and informed her that she was no longer the queen of the Tidelanders. In response, Adrielle stabbed and killed Dylan.

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