Runaways Season 2 Episode 12 Recap


Runaways Season 2 Episode 11

Runaways Season 2 Episode 12 Recap

Alex continues to pursue his own definition of justice in Runaways season 2 episode 12. When Karolina is looking for help breaking her mother out of the Crater, Alex refuses to help, still believing that their parents–and his parent in particular–are evil and deserve whatever they get. Instead, he arranges to meet Livvie, but Tamar shows up in her place. Alex retrieves the gun Darius got Alex’s fingerprints on, telling Tamar that it will prove that Darius is innocent. Tamar tells Alex to forget whatever he’s planning and just shoot his parents with the gun. Tamar also warns Alex that if she ever sees him near her family again, then she’ll shoot him.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 11

PRIDE tests their new weapons on a pair of their unsuspecting employees. In the interest of acquiring data, the minds of the victims are wiped and they are attacked again. The next morning, Victor offers Chase an internship with PRIDE until things can be smoothed over with Atlas Academy. Chase agrees in order to spend more time with his ailing father. When Chase confronts him, Victor admits to having black out periods where he doesn’t remember what he did, blaming it on his brain tumor.

At the PRIDE office, Chase is hazed by one of the employees and given the task of sorting through the trash bins in order to separate out the recycling. During the task, Chases finds and pockets a vial of serum. He starts to text Gert, stating that he thinks he made a mistake in coming back home, but erases the message instead of sending it. Victor asks Chase what he’s found, knowing Chase only agreed to work for PRIDE so he could snoop. Chase says everything’s on the up-and-up out here, but he knows that PRIDE hides their real, illegal business behind closed doors.

Victor opens those doors to Chase, where the rest of PRIDE, minus Leslie, greet him. They explain that everything they did was for the next generation. They know it is time to step away and leave all the knowledge and technology to the kids. They need Chase to agree to become a part of PRIDE and convince the others to come home and join them.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 11

Karolina, Nico, Molly, and an overly enthusiastic Vaughn road trip out to the Crater to rescue Leslie with the idea of winning her to their side. Nico brings her staff, but only after learning the only way she can connect with it is by using with the darkness inside of herself. Karolina goes into the compound to convince Frank into releasing Leslie while to others wait outside, ready to jump in if needed.

Frank sees through Karolina’s manipulations and puts her in a box where her powers are useless. Susan releases Karolina, saying that Leslie has helped her remember who she was before Jonah removed her from Davis’ side. Susan takes Karolina to Leslie, but not to help them escape. She pleads with them to stay and purge the Church of Frank’s corruption, retaking their rightful roles as leaders of the Church. Leslie convinces Susan to help them try to escape.

The group makes it to the gate and is nearly away when Frank meets them with armed security. Before things can get ugly, Karolina uses her powers to light up and levitate over the crowd, reciting the Church’s words. This wins the Church members to her side, allowing Karolina and Leslie to go free. Leslie asks Susan to come with them, but after seeing Karolina’s powers on display, Susan is more invested than ever in setting the Church right. She starts by sentencing Frank to the box.

Back at the hostel, Alex is upset that Leslie is with them, but Nico says that she’s pregnant and has nowhere else to go. Leslie’s a runaway, like them. That evening, Xavin reveals herself to Karolina, stating that she is Karolina’s betrothed.

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