Runaways Season 2 Episode 1 Recap


Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Episode 1

Runaways Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The two groups are fractured when Runaways season 2 episode 1 kicks off. The kids are unaccustomed to life on the streets. and they becoming increasingly frustrated and less trusting of one another. Similarly, their parents, the Pride, do not trust one another. Each set of parents hopes to find the kids before the others do.


Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Episode 1

While maintaining a public facade of of calmness, the members of the group are all at odds with one another. The group meet at a Pride office that Tina has converted into a secret headquarters where they can search for their missing kids without alerting the police or Jonah. When Molly’s guardian, Graciela, makes the news asserting that the media should be looking into Pride for answers about the missing kids, Dale and Stacey go to find out what she knows. When the confrontation goes badly, Tina steps in and uses her magic to choke Graciela. The adults recover the video tape that Molly’s parents left for her that explains how Jonah–through Pride–is going to destroy the city.

With this information as well as Dale and Stacey’s revelation that whatever Jonah is drilling for is a sentient substance not of this earth, the group’s division becomes clear. Do they focus on finding the kids? Or focus on killing Jonah first? Tina suggests that they can’t remain divided. If they are going to accomplish either goal then they need to speak and act as one. She appoints herself leader and spokesperson for the group. Geoffrey, agrees with her and becomes her #2.


Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Episode 1

Out of money and resources, the kids turn to homeless assistance throughout the city. Alex knows how he can get more money and leaves the group to meet with his uncle, Darius. Darius tells Alex that he’s going to have to work for it this time. After leading Alex to think that he’s going to have to kill someone, Darius puts Alex to work painting the baby’s bedroom. Darius has a plan for keeping Alex close and in his debt, which includes getting Alex’s fingerprints and DNA all over a gun used in previous crimes.

The rest of the group sees the piece with Graciela on TV and move to help her before the Pride can get to her. However, the kids are woefully unable to navigate the city, so Chase and Karolina use their “pretty white privilege” to steal a vehicle from restaurant valet parking. The kids arrive too late and find Graciela dead, with the Pride staging it to look like she died of natural causes. At the homeless camp, Nico holds a wiccan funeral for Graciela, which brings the group together once more.

When Mike causes a disturbance the next morning by firing the fistigons, the kids give chase . Old Lace overtakes Mike and Chase gets the weapons back. In the pursuit, Karolina falls through the roof of an underground building. The kids explore and decide it is a safe place to make their home.


Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Episode 1

Jonah is close to getting what he wants, but has used up a lot of energy in the process. He places Victor’s mind in an algorithm while his body heals. Jonah needs Victor to construct a new healing box for Jonah. Meanwhile, Karolina calls Jonah and has him meet her in the hills overlooking the city. She hates him, but needs to know who and what she is. As a tremor shakes the city, Jonah tells her that it has begun.

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