The Gifted Season 2 Episode 9 Recap


The Gifted Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

There’s a paradigm shift coming for The Gifted, as the show’s fall finale sets up the remaining episodes of the season. Last week’s episode dealt with the fallout of the Inner Circle’s Creed Financial.heist. Rebecca’s actions incited more anti-mutant hatred, and even the Inner Circle wanted her out of the way. Thunderbird got a lead from Rebecca before she was recaptured, and Eclipse mourned the departure of his daughter. Meanwhile, the Struckers finally got help with Reed’s out of control powers. Butt they may have also stumbled upon a plot to depower every mutant. In The Gifted season 2 episode 9, the Struckers had to decide how to handle that revelation.

Kill the Cure

Lauren told her parents about Dr. Garber’s connection to the Purifiers and her intent to cure every mutant regardless of their desires. Lauren convinced Reed that they had to destroy Garber’s work, but Caitlin wasn’t immediately convinced. To set their plan in motion, Lauren got close to Noah and manipulated him into showing her where the mutant blood samples were kept. Once there, Lauren used her powers to keep the door from closing all the way. However, before the Struckers could destroy the samples, they were confronted by Garber and her security team. The Struckers made one last attempt to change Garber’s mind, but she openly regarded mutant powers as a curse and vowed to save humanity. That swayed Noah from her side, and he personally destroyed the samples himself. That distraction allowed the Struckers to get away as the facility began to crumble.

Broken Circle

In a flashback, we learned that Rebecca’s own family turned her into Sentinel Services. Even Rebecca’s parents thought she was too dangerous. In the present, the Inner Circle considered a lethal solution for their Rebecca problem. Andy wasn’t happy about seeing his love interest locked up and he refused to help the Inner Circle with their next mission. Instead, Andy decided to free Rebecca himself and escape with her. However, Rebecca had a more murderous plan in mind as she tried to kill the entire Inner Circle. Andy managed to stop Rebecca, but his powers fatally injured her.

Divided We Fall

Blink was angry about Thunderbird and Eclipse’s plans to abduct Lawrence Hayes, a key figure from Regimen. She even claimed it went against the X-Men’s dream. Regardless, Blink helped them kidnap Hayes and teleported him into the trunk of their car. Back at the clinic, Blink and Thunderbird argued about his recent actions. Hayes wouldn’t talk, so Thunderbird lost his temper. That finally convinced Hayes to spill his secrets. It turned out that Regimen controls all of the mutant power inhibitor collars in the country. Meanwhile, Hayes’ abduction caused the police to intensify their mutant crackdown, which further alienated Blink from Thunderbird.

Fade used his powers to sneak into the clinic and killed Hayes on behalf of the Inner Circle. Thunderbird and Eclipse managed to catch Fade, but all three of them had to flee when the cops arrived. They were cornered by the Purifiers, who shot Fade in the leg. Thunderbird held off the attackers with an impressive display of strength. However, he was ultimately captured by Jace.

Game Changer

After Rebecca’s death, Andy was despondent. But Polaris still managed to convince him to help finish their mission. Together, they attacked the Regimen headquarters and destroyed their control center. Across the country, imprisoned mutants were suddenly freed. And they wasted no time removing their collars and unleashing their powers on their captors.

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