The Gifted Season 2 Episode 8 Recap


The Gifted Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

For most of The Gifted‘s second season, the Inner Circle has been working towards a larger goal of mutant supremacy. In the previous episode, the Inner Circle finally carried out its heist on Creed Financial. But even the Inner Circle has their limits, which weren’t shared by their newest recruit, Rebecca. As the group made their escape, Rebecca used her mutant powers to slaughter all of the humans who were left behind at Creed Financial. The Gifted season 2 episode 8 picks up almost immediately afterwards, as Rebecca’s actions sparked a deadly new wave of anti-mutant hysteria.


Polaris was particularly upset by Rebecca’s actions as the Inner Circle made their escape. Despite Andy’s attempt to de-escalate the tension, Rebecca made her abrupt exit from their getaway car. Soon after, the implications of Rebecca’s actions became clear. Her decision to kill those people led to anti-mutant violence around the world. Over Blink’s objections, Thunderbird insisted that they look for answers about the Inner Circle’s plans before losing what little credibility the Mutant Underground still has.

Meanwhile, the Inner Circle began their own hunt for Rebecca. However, Thunderbird and Blink managed to catch up with her first. In a standoff, Rebecca told them that the Inner Circle was looking for intel about “Regimen” before she fled again. Unfortunately, Fade caught up with Rebecca before she could get away. Later, Thunderbird learned that Regimen is a tech company, but his relentless drive began to alienate Blink.

The Cure is Worse Than the Disease

To help Reed control his destructive powers, Caitlin and Lauren accompanied him on the journey to see Dr. Garber. Thanks to her association with Reed’s father, Garber instantly recognized him and offered her assistance. Garber used a variation of the treatment developed by Reed’s father, and she was able to suppress Reed’s ability.

While on the campus, Lauren became close to Noah, one of Garber’s medical assistants. Noah claimed to be a mutant as well, and he credited Garber’s treatments with saving his life. He also revealed that Garber’s brother founded the Purifiers, and that her work could potentially suppress the X-gene in all mutants. And when Noah injected Lauren with a syringe, Andy seemed to feel it from a great distance away.

Polaris Begins

The unfolding chaos caused Polaris to worry about the safety of her baby, Dawn. Her fears were amplified when a mutant foster home was burned with the children inside. In flashbacks, Polaris recalled her quiet times with Eclipse as they planned a future for their daughter. Polaris also reflected on her teenage years, when she was raised by her aunt.

Polaris’ father, Magneto, wasn’t referred to by name. But she discovered that he left a metallic object for her in front of her aunt’s home, which she kept for years.

Magneto’s Daughter

At the urging of Esme, Polaris decided to send Dawn away to a mutant school in Switzerland. As a gesture of kindness, Polaris visited Eclipse so he could say goodbye to their daughter. However, he desperately pleaded with her to let Dawn stay with him. After she left with their child, Eclipse gave into his anger and despair.

Later, Polaris revealed her true plan. She gave Dawn to her aunt for safekeeping, while promising to return for her one day. Polaris also sent Eclipse a message which promised that their daughter was loved. Then, she used the metal given to her by Magneto to create a headpiece for herself.

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