The Romanoffs Season 1 Recap


The Romanoffs Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The Romanoffs Season 1 Recap

Amazon’s The Romanoffs was set in different parts of the world, and it told the stories of the people believed to be descendants of the Russian royal family, the Romanovs. While the stories were distinct, they existed within the same universe and featured characters and relationships from other episodes. To close out The Romanoffs season 1, we recap the characters and relationships that linked these separate tales together.

Daniel Reese

Daniel wrote a book about The Romanovs that would become the miniseries filmed in episode 3. While not a Romanov descendant, he was in love with Julia Wells, the wife of a Romanov. Their complicated relationship unfolded in episode 4. Daniel also lectured during a breakout session that Shelly Romanoff attended on the descendant cruise of episode 2.

Katherine Ford

The Romanoffs Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Katherine was the Russian literature professor, who suspected her sons’ piano teacher of “misconduct” in episode 5. Also, she was Julia’s sister-in-law, and we see them speak on the phone in episode 4. Katherine had promised to send baby clothes for Julia’s pregnant daughter, Ella.

Victoria Hayward

The Romanoffs Season 1 Episode 6

Victoria was the rich mother searching for a miracle cure for her hemophiliac son in episode 6. In episode 7, we discovered that Anka Garner was her cousin. While not appearing in the episode, Anka used Victoria as an example of why she and her husband shouldn’t adopt a sick child.

Jack Edgar

The Romanoffs Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Briefly, we saw Jack Edgar as the screenwriter for the Romanov miniseries in episode 3. In episode 8, he rode a train with Candace, who told him a story about a man she knew, Simon, a Romanov descendant. But it turned out that she had been Simon. Jack was her half-brother, though not on the Romanov side. Candace murdered Jack out of revenge and to steal back her mother’s earrings.

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