The Good Place Season 3 Episode 6 Recap



The Good Place Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episode of The Good Place, Jason, Michael, and Tahani managed to save the soul of Jason’s best friend, Pill Boy. Additionally Eleanor learned that her mother had faked her own death and she set off to find her. What does this next installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap The Good Place season 3 episode 6 ‘A Fractured Inheritance!’



Eleanor and Michael arrived in Nevada in order to allow Eleanor to confront her mother. Eleanor’s mother had faked her own death in order to get out of paying a charity a sizable donation. Eleanor went to the door and immediately began to yell at her mother. Eleanor’s mother, Diana, began to hit on Michael, but he resisted her. Eleanor began to criticize Diana’s husband and home. Eleanor quickly met Diana’s husband, Dave as well as his daughter. Meanwhile in Hungary, Tahani, Chidi, Jason, and Janet were waiting in line at an art installation to meet Tahani’s sister, Kamilah. They got to the front of the line and Kamilah shut down the art installation after Tahani criticized the exhibit. Back in Nevada, Diana and Dave told Michael and Eleanor the story of their meeting and that Diana was running for PTA elections.


The Good Place Season 3 Episode 6

Tahani tried to apologize to Kamilah for their fractured relationship. Kamilah refused her apology and Tahani angrily attempted to ruin one of Kamilah’s artworks, but she only made it more sought after. Eleanor tried to find the hidden stash of money that she was certain her mother was hiding. Eleanor continued to attempt to prove that her mother was faking everything, but Michael assured her that Diana had truly changed for the better. Tahani was angry at her sister and wanted to strangle her, but Chidi convinced her to allow him to talk to Kamilah. Chidi and Kamilah immediately started to hit it off. At the PTA meeting, Diana delivered a great speech and was quickly winning the election. Eleanor confronted Dave and told him the truth about Diana, but he had already been told by Diana.

State of Confusion


Eleanor expressed anger that her mother was being a good mother for Patricia and wasn’t for her. Eleanor went and confessed to Diana that she had suspected Diana of scamming Dave. During the conversation, Diana accidentally revealed that she had in fact, been stealing money from Dave and was saving it in order to run off at some point in the future. Tahani told Chidi about the competitions her parents had made her and Kamilah compete in continually. Tahani quickly realized that all of Kamilah’s paintings were representations of their relationships. She immediately ran and apologized to Kamilah and they quickly bonded over their shared hatred of their parents. Eleanor confronted her mother and told her to get rid of the escape money by spending it on a college fund for Patricia. As they were heading back to the airport, Michael revealed that Eleanor and Chidi had fallen in love in the afterlife.

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