The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 4 Recap


The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 4 Recap

Andrew Lincoln’s pending departure from The Walking Dead has cast a large shadow over this season. Last week’s episode dealt with the breakdown of Rick’s new world order, as Maggie and Oceanside’s girls realized they could still get their vengeance. Maggie and Daryl turned a blind eye to Oceanside’s Savior murders before deciding to finally kill Negan. In The Walking Dead season 9 episode 4, Maggie and Daryl finally made their move against Rick.

Self-Imposed Cages

Inside Alexandra, Michonne served as the interim leader while acting as a mother to Judith. However, she was restless and couldn’t sleep. To take the edge off, Michonne left the compound each night to kill walkers. During the day, she found out that Negan was refusing to eat. Michonne visited the former leader of the Saviors to end his hunger strike, but Negan insisted that he just wanted to talk. Negan tried to connect with Michonne, but he only angered her when he suggested that her first son, Andre, made her weak.

Later, an apologetic Negan attempted to make amends with Michonne. But she realized what he was doing, and told him he couldn’t see his bat, Lucille. Upon hearing that Lucille was still out there, Negan began bashing his head against the wall until he bled.

Forgiveness Can’t Save Everyone

At the junkyard, Father Gabriel awoke to find himself tied down as Anne / Jadis began to lower a walker on top of him. Instead of pleading for his life, Gabriel told Anne that he failed her and he forgave her for what she was about to do. Even to the last second, Gabriel didn’t waver. In response, Anne relented and knocked him out. When Gabriel woke up, he found himself alone with a note from Anne. She wrote that she had decided to travel faster alone than further together. Gabriel cried after reading the note.

Shots Fired

The Saviors finally figured out that Oceanside was behind the recent attacks, and made their move for the Kingdom’s guns. Carol and her people locked up their weapons and confronted the Saviors, who had a few guns of their own. Jed, the Savior who looks just like Billy Walsh, seemingly forced Carol to stand down and step aside. Instead, Carol lulled Jed into a false sense of security before taking him down. The Saviors responded by firing their weapons, and the fragile peace was broken. However, we didn’t see if there were any fatalities.


Rick was tipped off that Maggie was heading towards Alexandria to kill Negan. Unfortunately, his attempt to warn Michonne was cut off through the relay. Daryl offered to give Rick a ride back to Alexandria, but Rick grew suspicious when Daryl took them in another direction. After Daryl stopped the bike, he acknowledged that this was a distraction. Daryl and Rick briefly fought before falling into a sink hole. They blamed each other. Daryl even brought up Glenn saving Rick’s life, which allowed him to reunite with Lori, Carl, and the original survivors.

Although their initial attempts to escape proved fruitless, Rick and Daryl redoubled their efforts when they heard the shots from camp. At the same time, a herd of walkers began stumbling into the pit. Rick managed to get out first, as Daryl used the stacked bodies to follow. Rick even called Daryl his brother as he pulled him out of the pit. Daryl urged Rick to ride with him and escape, but Rick insisted on leading the walkers away by horse. It went fairly smoothly until Rick and the horse were boxed in by another herd. The horse was spooked and it threw Rick from the saddle. Rick was impaled by a metal rod, and he lost consciousness as the herds descended upon him.

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