The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 3 Recap


The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 3 Recap

Somebody has been killing the Saviors on The Walking Dead. Although it’s hard to work up too much sympathy for Negan’s former foot soldiers. Last week’s episode showed us the death of Justin, a Savior who really had it coming. But his buddies weren’t going to let his disappearance go, especially since he was only the latest Savior to go missing. In The Walking Dead season 9 episode 3, the survivors are going to get their answers…but they won’t like what they find!

The Saviors Are Restless

Maggie and Kai were escorting a shipment of food from Hilltop when they were confronted by the Saviors. A group from the construction site left their posts to find Justin. After attempting to intimidate Maggie, the Saviors left moments before the reanimated Justin stumbled on to the road. At the construction site, the Saviors were ready to riot and they pointed to Daryl and Anne as potential culprits. Alden’s attempt to play peacemaker was violently rejected, and only Rick’s arrival kept the situation from escalating.

Later, Rick asked Daryl about the puncture wounds on Justin’s corpse, and Daryl was insulted by the insinuation he could be responsible. Rick also suspected that Anne might have something to do with it, but Father Gabriel covered for her.

“I Thought You Were a B”

Shortly thereafter, another Savior, Arat, went missing, while Oceanside’s Beatrice was left unconscious, but unharmed. Rick and company split up into pairs to find Arat before the Saviors realized that she was missing. Meanwhile, Anne returned to the junkyard she used to call home and removed a hidden radio. She contacted the people behind the mysterious helicopter, but they demanded “an A or a B” before they come get her. Anne even used her old name, Jadis, while speaking with them. The voice on the other end of the line told Anne that only an A would do, and she agreed.

Gabriel emerged behind Anne and revealed that he had followed her. Anne told him that she wasn’t responsible for the missing Saviors and she offered to take Gabriel with her. When he refused and told her had to tell Rick, she knocked him out. Anne also said that she always though Gabriel was a B.

No Exceptions

Daryl and Maggie were paired up in the search for Arat, while Rick and Carol went in a different direction. Two Saviors attempted to jump Rick and Maggie to steal their guns, but the veteran survivors quickly turned the tables on them. Meanwhile, Daryl realized that Beatrice was in on Arat’s abduction, which allowed him and Maggie to track them down. They found Arat and a group from Oceanside, who planned to execute her. Cyndie and the Oceansiders explained that Arat was among the Saviors who murdered their friends and families, even Cyndie’s eleven year old brother.

Maggie was also shaken by Cyndie’s assertion that Gregory’s execution meant that Rick’s rules no longer apply. However, Maggie and Daryl didn’t turn their backs on Arat until she related the heartless thing she said before killing Cyndie’s brother. “No exceptions.” Perhaps it reminded them too much of Glenn’s death. Regardless, Arat pleaded for her life as Maggie and Daryl turned away and left her to die.

It’s Time To See Negan

In the aftermath of Arat’s disappearance, the Saviors made good on their threat to leave the bridge construction site. Rick and company couldn’t keep them together, and watched as they left. Privately, Maggie told Daryl that they had tried Rick’s way and it failed. Now, it was time to see Negan and get some vigilante justice of their own.

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