Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 1 Recap


Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 1

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

Legends of Tomorrow season 4 episode 1 sees the Legends fixing the last of the anachronisms that plagued the team last season. However, in defeating Mallus, the team has opened the timeline to attacks from magical, mythical creatures. In spite of searching for these threats for the past five months, the Legends haven’t encountered any new magical threats until now.

“She’s Going to Eat You Alive”

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 1

The Legends are called to the Time Bureau to celebrate the end of the anachronisms. There, Ray and Zari uncover a wanted poster for Nora Darhk, who used the time stone that Ray gave her to escape from Time Bureau custody. When Ray monitors the Time Bureau looking at a disturbance in 1969 at the Woodstock music festival, he believes that Nora is causing the disturbance and sets out to reach her before the Time Bureau does. In spite of her past, Ray is smitten with Nora and wants to help her because of his feelings for her. Zari takes Ray to a park where a young Zari is being pushed on a swing by her mother. Zari says no matter how hard it is to do the right thing in keeping history intact, she feels the desire to help those she loves at every moment.

“He’s a Hoot”

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 1

Nate figures that with the anachronisms contained, the Time Bureau will soon be shelving the Legends. Feeling reckless, he and Mick head out to cause some mischief, only to wind up breaking into Nate’s parents home. Mrs. Heywood is thrilled to see Nate and to meet his new friend, but Mr. Heywood rags on Nate about his career choice as a historian. Mick asks Nate what the situation is between Nate and his father. Mick expects the worst, and when Nate tells him that his father was emotionally distant when Nate was growing up, Mick is unsympathetic. In the end, Nate brings a six-pack home and asks his father to have a beer with him.

“A Partially-Kept Woman”

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 1

With the anachronisms handled, Ava is pushing Sarah to settle down with her in Ava’s apartment. Sarah considers doing so, but Constantine arrives warning Sarah of a magical threat. A unicorn is loose at Woodstock, and if not sent back from this world, it will lead to the Woodstock Massacre and the death of both the hippies in attendance and the hippie whole movement. Constantine tells Sarah that they aren’t meant to have friends and lovers, they’re not meant to settle down. When they do, the people around them get hurt or worse. They are survivors who need to be in the fight. Sarah says the difference is that working with a team makes her stronger, while walling himself off from others makes Constantine weaker.

Using Gary as bait–he was the only virgin they could find at Woodstock–the team steal magical items from the musicians at Woodstock to serve as ingredients in Constantine’s spell. Constantine opens a portal to Hell and sends the unicorn through, but not before the beast bites off Gary’s nipple. Back at the apartment, Sarah comes clean to Ava about where she’s been. Ava already knows, as Gary was keen to brag about losing a nipple in a fight with a unicorn. Ava says that doesn’t change her feelings for Sarah, even when Sarah says it’s not the right time for her to move in with Ava. She needs to be out in the field with her team.

Sarah tries to get Constantine to join the Legends, but he rebuffs her. Alone, Constantine is attacked by some unseen creature, which gets the best of Constantine. The attacker writes a message in blood stating that he’s coming for Constantine.

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