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While things haven’t been going so well for New Line’s planned big screen take on Stephen King’s IT, the future of Warner […]

Is McConaughey Really Playing Randall Flagg in The Stand?

In August, there were rumblings that Matthew McConaughey was being considered to play Randall Flagg in Josh Boone’s adaptation of The Stand. Now, this outlet is saying that is closer to becoming a reality.
Boone previously helmed The Fault in Our Stars and, recently, the director was quoted as saying Warner Bros. is now looking to get four films based on The Stand. If they wound up landing McConaughey, I can now see why they’d like to get as many films as possible.

Warner Bros. is Keen on This Actor to Play Randall Flagg in The Stand

Having won an Oscar earlier this year for his very first nomination (for Dallas Buyers Club) and with a possible Emmy coming his way next Monday (for HBO’s “True Detective”)–not to mention his starring role in Christopher Nolan’s anticipated outer space epic Interstellar–actor Matthew McConaughey is clearly going to be in bigger demand than ever, and Deadline has word on two of his potential upcoming projects.

Nothing is official yet but according to them, Warner Bros. wants McConaughey to play the role of the demonic figure Randall Flagg in the feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, which will be directed by Josh Boone (The Fault in our Stars).

Director Hints The Stand Feature Film Will Be Long & R-Rated

Is Josh Boone really going to be the one to carry The Stand feature film across the finish line? After a few false starts and other directors on board, it certainly sounds like it based on the way he’s been talking about it in the press. Last month, he was talking about how he was writing a part with actor Nat Wolff in mind. Now, he’s providing more updates while on the press tour for his film The Fault In Our Stars.

He recently told Vulture…