Horror Short Stop: How to Kill Zombies Without the Mess

Our big papa site, Crave Online, has kicked off a new column called “Shorts Showcase.”  This week, the spotlight is on an infomercial spoof selling the “Zomb-EZ,” an undead “de-braining” tool.  Gory FX, tongue-in-cheek humor, you zombie nuts might dig it.  Head inside for a look!

Horror Short Stop: A Look at House Call

House Call is a short film by Erik Wilson that tells the story of Janice, a young woman determined to get out of a loveless marriage by any means necessary.  When she does the unthinkable, it comes to haunt her one year later in a very deadly way.

I’m always anxious about watching short horror films. I’ve seen a lot on You Tube that are absolutely incredible, and there are a fair share that I wouldn’t waste my time on again. It’s also an art form often overlooked by the public, but highly revered by those of us interested in filmmaking because it could be the thing that lands you a real gig one day.

House Call plunges us into this story from the beginning with a trapped and desperate woman, and though I found Aimee Bello’s performance in the opening act a little stiff I was still surprised when she

Horror Short Stop: Daemonium

The Agentinian producer of Cold Sweat and Penumbra, Hernan Moyano, alerted us to a new endeavor  which has premiered on YouTube called Daemonium.

It’s a film broken up into five parts, the first of which you’ll find inside with English subtitles.  Set in a world where humans and demons exist, Daemonium blends action, horror and science fiction courtesy of director Pablo Pares.  Caro Angus – a popular dubbing actress who provides the voice of Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons overseas – stars.

Enjoy episode one and stay tuned for a sneak peek at episode two…