Waxwork Records Unveils Creepshow Vinyl Packaging & Details!

Waxwork Records has officially announced its next LP release: John Harrison’s score for the 1982 horror anthology Creepshow. You can get a good look at the packaging via the gallery here.

Package art was created by Gary Pullin, and wowzers, that’s some good stuff.

This definitive release of the film score has never before been released. The original master tapes of the Creepshow film score were lost for over 30 years, but with the efforts of composer John Harrison and Waxwork Records, the tapes were located in the attic of Jeree Recording Studios in New Brighton, PA.

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Kings of Horror Episode 3: Creepshow

Kings of Horror is a month-long series in which’s Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek) and CraveOnline’s William Bibbiani (@williambibbiani) review the big screen theatrical adaptations of Stephen King’s works.

The series began with Carrie and will end with the Carrie redo.  If you’ve missed the previous episodes, visit this spot.

Today, the two put George A. Romero’s Creepshow in the spotlight.  Ryan has high praise for the film…  Bibbs isn’t so enthusiastic.