Blumhouse’s Creep Heads to Radius-TWC, Trilogy is Planned

When I saw Creep at SXSW this year, the one thing that didn’t pop out at me was “this is ripe for a trilogy!” but Radius-TWC and Blumhouse Productions obviously see things differently! The two are joining forces to not only release Creep, directed by Patrick Brice, but to flesh out three films total. Very curious to see how all of this plays out…

Creep stars Mark Duplass who co-wrote the film with Patrick Brice, who also stars.

SXSW Interview: Mark Duplass, Patrick Brice on Bringing Creep to Life

Out of the genre films that played at SXSW this month, Creep was the one that likely received the most divisive response.

A collaboration between Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice (the latter directed), the film is considered a Blumhouse production, however, Duplass and Brice had been working on the film long before Jason Blum put his name on it.

In the film, Aaron (Brice) comes across a cryptic online ad: $1,000 for the day. Filming service. Discretion is appreciated. Low on cash and full of naivet

SXSW Capsule Reviews: That Guy Dick Miller, Creep & Open Windows

In addition to the many horror movies that made their premiere at SXSW – you can read all of my full reviews to date here – I caught a few titles that fall into the documentary, techno-thriller and, well, horror…comedy (I’m still trying to figure out the film’s intent) sub-genre. I’m talking about Elijah Drenner’s That Guy Dick Miller, Nacho Vigalondo’s Open Windows, starring Elijah Wood, and Creep, starring Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice. Here, find my capsule reviews while I still play catch-up from SXSW!

SXSW Exclusive: Jason Blum on Insidious 3, Sinister 2, Oculus & More

Jason Blum is here in Austin, Texas for SXSW to tout a pair of new genre films carrying the Blumhouse Productions name: Creep and Oculus.

While Creep doesn’t have a release date yet, Oculus is arriving April 11th. What makes them similar is that they’re both films Blum was not involved with from the beginning. Rather, he entered the project after they were shot.

Blum sat down with Shock yesterday to discuss this and to provide us updates on his forthcoming slate like The Purge: Anarchy, Sinister 2, Insidious 3 and Paranormal Activity 5.

SXSW Preview: Blum, Duplass Introduce You to Creep

Blumhouse Productions is making its presence known at SXSW (beginning next week) with the thriller Creep.

When the film went into production early last year, it carried the moniker Peachfuzz.

Patrick Brice pulls triple-duty as director, co-writer and co-star. He shares writing and starring credit alongside Mark Duplass (Baghead, Zero Dark Thirty).