Photo Gallery: Shock Till You Drop Explores the Catacombs of Paris

There are multiple entrances to the ancient catacombs beneath Paris. Some are publicly known, others are hidden away and whispered about by those who want to secretly trespass through the miles of limestone and skeletal remains. My entrance into the tunnels was totally unassuming. I was instructed not to take photos of the outside, but I’ll tell you it was at the center of a hospital, which only magnified the eeriness of the visit.

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Comic-Con Interview: The Dowdle Brothers Tease As Above, So Below

John and Drew Dowdle – the team behind The Poughkeepsie Tapes, Quarantine and Devil – flex their horror muscles again with As Above, So Below, the Legendary production that will beckon audiences deep beneath the streets of Paris on August 29th for a journey of mystery and terror. Shock is heading to Paris to speak to the two in-depth about the upcoming film, but I ran into the duo at Comic-Con for a brief “preview” discussion. One of the many “warm-up” interviews I conducted while down in San Diego that offer just a hint at what’s on the way.

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Hey, The Poughkeepsie Tapes is Out – Here’s Where to Find It

Here’s a day I thought would never come: The Poughkeepsie Tapes has quietly found its way onto VOD. Currently, I’m seeing it listed on DIRECTV, but check your local VOD service to see if it has reached your provider as well.

The film has been sitting on the shelf for years thanks to MGM. It was originally expected to open in theaters in 2007. That was when the studio released an official trailer and issued the poster you see here into theaters everywhere, but then MGM pulled the plug on those distribution plans and allowed the film to wait…until it could release the film this week on VOD with little to no fanfare (thanks for the heads-up, studio!).

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Discussion: Are Audiences Getting Tired of the Supernatural?

Deliver Us from Evil opened at the start of the 4th of July holiday weekend. To date, it has grossed $15 million since opening Wednesday, July 2nd, but box office analysts are focusing their targets on the film’s $9.5 million weekend gross and taking fire. Understandable. That’s a pretty weak weekend performance. It was up against the new comedy Tammy and holdovers likes Transformers, 22 Jump Street and How to Train Your Dragon. If you recall, Deliver Us from Evil was pushed up from its original 2015 release date because Sony was so confident in the film that it thought Deliver could earn some big bucks akin to The Conjuring’s mid-summer success last year.

Regardless of the quality of Deliver Us from Evil, I honestly think the film would have had a tough go of it at the box office because, more or less…audiences are getting supernatural fatigue.

As Above, So Below to Open Two Weeks Later

?It looks like Blumhouse Productions and Lionsgate’s Jessabelle is going to have a horror throwdown on August 29th. Universal has just shifted As Above, So Below into that release slot. Originally it held an August 15th release date.

As Above, So Below is the latest film from the Dowdle brothers – John Erick and Drew. John is on directing duties, working from a script he penned with Drew. If you missed out on the trailer, we have it for you below along with some photos.

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Exclusive Poster Debut of Legendary and Universal’s As Above, So Below

The Dowdle brothers are back with an all-new chiller called As Above, So Below. And courtesy of Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures, who are releasing the film August 15th, Shock Till You Drop has your exclusive first look at the perspective-bending, teaser one-sheet for the film.

It appears the siblings – John Erick Dowdle (who is on directing duties) and Drew Dowdle – have an affinity for claustrophobia, as this film will throw audiences into the catacombs beneath Paris. The duo have thrust moviegoers into other tight confines before, like the dark tenement filled with infected residents featured in Quarantine or the elevator of Devil, where no one was safe.

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Legendary Pictures Press Conference: Updates on Warcraft, Spectral, Seventh Son, As…

Legendary Pictures is having a great summer, it goes without saying.  The Hangover Part III turned a decent profit and Man of Steel killed at the box office.  

So, now what?  

To answer that question, president Thomas Tull invited select members of the press, including yours truly, down to a press conference in Hollywood to look ahead at the company’s slate in the coming years which includes a new film from the Dowdle brothers, an epic-looking war film infused with a supernatural edge and more.  We even got Tull to comment on the prospect of another Trick ‘r Treat film.

Dowdle Bros. Return With As Above, So Below

While their genre debut, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, languishes on the shelf awaiting release, the Dowdle brothers, John and Drew, continue to move onward and upward.  In the wake of Quarantine, Devil, the duo are set up to do As Above, So Below for Legendary.

The company, which is giving us Man of Steel and Pacific Rim, this summer, is taking a turn into low budget waters for the film which promises an interesting backdrop.