Meet the Leading Men in the New Slaughterhouse Rulez Promo

Sony UK has released a brand new promo for their upcoming British horror-comedy Slaughterhouse Rulez, highlighting the crazy antics of the film’s lead male students: Don Wallace portrayed by Finn Cole (Animal Kingdom) and Asa Butterfield (Time Freak) as Willoughby Blake. Check out the video below!

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Slaughterhouse Rulez is set within the walls of a British boarding school aptly named Slaughterhouse School. Everything changes for the students and staff of Slaughterhouse, when a fracking company uncover a sinkhole in the forest surrounding the school. With monsters spewing out of the hole, the people within the wall of Slaughterhouse must band together and save their beloved school.

The film will also see the reuniting of the hilarious duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (both of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame). It also stars Asa Butterfield (The Space Between Us), Fin Cole, and Michael Sheen (Underworld). Pegg plays Meredith Houseman and Frost will portray the head of the fracking company that unleashes the troubles the school faces. Sheen will play Slaughterhouse School headmaster, The Bat, while Asa Butterfield is Wiloughby Blake, one of Slaughterhouse’s students.

Though Pegg and Frost did not have any writing credit for Slaughterhouse Rulez, however Pegg is has said that he feels the film to films Pegg and Frost have done before with the blending staples of many genres and bringing humor to social and political issues of the time. Pegg also described Slaughterhouse Rulez as a big metaphor for the U.K. privatizing things.

The film is set to be released in the UK on October 31 but it is unknown when the film will make its way to American theaters.


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