Red Sparrow Featurette Shows the Art of Manipulation


Red Sparrow Featurette Shows the Art of Manipulation

Red Sparrow featurette shows the art of manipulation

Learn a little lesson on what makes Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger GamesSilver Linings Playbook) so dangerous in her role as Dominika Egorova in this Red Sparrow featurette showing the art of manipulation. Get some education on espionage by watching the video on the player below.

Based on a thrilling spy novel by Jason MatthewsRed Sparrow is the story of a once prima ballerina forced to become a secret agent for Russia. In Sparrow School, Dominika undergoes brutal training in the ways of psychological warfare to manipulate the enemies of the motherland. She then has to contend with a CIA agent, played by Joel Edgerton (BrightLoving), that promises to be her way out in the cold war between America and her home country. But in this world filled with conspiracies and lies, who can she really trust?

The featurette lets the author Jason Matthews speak to the authenticity of the schooling that will be shown in the film. He wrote the story based on the many true experiences he had working with the Central Intelligence Agency, so you can expect a gritty, grounded movie when Red Sparrow releases on March 2, 2018.