New ‘Paranormal Activity’ Trailer Promises 3D & End of Franchise

Paranormal Activity Ghost Dimension trailer

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Paramount has released the first Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension trailer, announcing the film will be released in 3D and will serve as the final film in the Paranormal Activity franchise. Why they’ve decided to call it quits on such a lucrative franchise is beyond me.

The last installment, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, is the worst performer of all five previous films and it made $90.9 million on a $5 million budget and it was a spin-off hardly related to the original franchise. Now, Paramount has waited almost two years to bring another to the big screen, which is to say they’ve created some demand (though it may be limited at this point) and are calling it quits? Silliness.

Anyway, Ghost Dimension centers on the Fleeges — father Ryan (Chris J. Murray), mother Emily (Brit Shaw) and their young daughter Leila (Ivy George) — who move into a house and discover a video camera and a box of tapes in the garage. When they look through the camera’s lens, they begin to see the paranormal activity happening around them – including the re-emergence of young Kristi and Katie.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension releases on Oct. 23, watch the trailer below.