Watch: ‘The Forger’ Trailer Starring John Travolta


The Forger trailer
John Travolta in The Forger

Word out of the Toronto Film Festival last year wasn’t necessarily kind when it came to Phillip Martin‘s The Forger starring John Travolta, Christopher Plummer and Tye Sheridan. At Variety, Dennis Harvey says, “Nothing feels fresh here — not even Christopher Plummer hamming it up as a crusty-coot grandpa — and Philip Martin’s routinely polished direction only underscores the cliche-composting of Richard D’Ovidio’s script.” Yikes. I guess that explains why Lionsgate is taking it straight to DirecTV on March 26 before giving it a limited theatrical release and On Demand premiere on April 24.

Today the first trailer dropped for the film, giving you a look at the story following Ray Cutter (Travolta), a former child art prodigy and second generation petty thief who arranges to buy his way out of prison to spend time with his ailing son, Will (Sheridan). Ray and his father, Joseph (Plummer), must come together to carry out one last big job for the syndicate who financed his early release.

Interested? Check out the trailer below and see what you think.