Remember ‘Seventh Son’? A New Trailer for the Long Delayed Film Arrives


Seventh Son movie trailer
Photo: Universal Pictures

Warner Bros. was originally going to release Seventh Son from director Sergei Bodrov in January 2014, but after Legendary bounced from WB to Universal the film was in limbo until finally re-emerging on the release calendar on February 6, 2015 and now with Universal distributing. Today the first trailer for the film since the distributor switch has arrived, hoping to reignite what little interest there was for this picture in the first place outside of some passing interest in the cast.

Based on Joseph Delaney’s young-adult novel series, the story centers on Thomas Ward (Ben Barnes), the seventh son of a seventh son, who becomes the apprentice to an exorcist named Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges). Together the two combat ghosts and witches in the 1700s, but they must soon battle with Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore), the queen of evil, as Tom falls for a young witch named Alice (Alicia Vikander).

You can watch the trailer and check out the new poster directly below.

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