New Extended Trailer for ‘Under the Skin’ Starring Scarlett Johansson


Under the Skin Extended Trailer
Photo: A24

A new, extended trailer for Jonathan Glazer‘s Under the Skin arrived over the weekend and it gives a better look at the film and if you read the snippet of my review I’ve included below, the first 70 seconds or so of this trailer should give you an idea of how the first couple acts of the film work before Glazer starts bringing all his themes and metaphors together for the third act:

Told through the eyes of an alien being (played by Scarlett Johansson), we’re introduced to the film’s protagonist through a series of inexplicable images that eventually come to reveal a human eye, perhaps in an attempt to create a new way of looking at the world. Or at least suggesting the audience should attempt to look at the world through the eyes of the soon-to-be-revealed protagonist (Johansson), introduced as she strips the limp and lifeless body of her doppelgänger. A single tear rolls down the cheek of the now naked body as her double walks out of view wearing her clothes.

We next see this nameless being driving the streets of Scotland, stopping along the side of the road, asking passersby for directions and questioning some further: “Where are you going? Do you have family? Want a lift?” Smartly she picks up passengers that live alone or are heading somewhere without anyone’s knowledge. Assuming they will soon be having sex with this beautiful woman, the strangers agree to a lift and follow her willingly into a decrepit home.

She lures them in with her sexuality as she walks across an endless black mass, removing her clothes along the way. The men strip as they follow only to slowly sink into the black goo at their feet, never to be heard from again. Could this be a commentary on society’s objectification of women and the one-track male mind?

You can read my full review right here. A24 will release Under the Skin some time, most likely, in 2014. Check out the trailer directly below.

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