‘Prometheus’ International Trailer Offers New Footage


Prometheus international trailer
Noomi Rapace in Prometheus

Photo: 20th Century Fox

It’s been Prometheus overload the last few days with the IMAX trailer, the new domestic trailer and now a new international trailer for you to feast your eyes on as the story unfolds before your eyes and the anticipation level for June 8 continues to increase.

I’ve only skimmed through each of the recent trailers and it’s hard not to get excited considering my favorite film of the Alien franchise is the first one, directed by Ridley Scott and released all the way back in 1979. To think I was only two-years-old when that film came out is amazing, not only because it is still one of the best science fiction films I’ve ever seen, but because it’s 33-years-old and blows the doors off so many of today’s CG-dominated sci-fi films.

Now, Scott has returned to that world and to say it has many of us excited is a dramatic understatement.

Of course, just skimming through these trailers it doesn’t take much to notice that this isn’t the same kind of film we got 33 years ago. There is plenty of CG in this thing. Each frame of each trailer probably has as many computer effects as the entire first four films of the Alien franchise, but the big question is to wonder whether or not the story will hold up.

I have covered the story quite a bit along with plenty of the speculation that has come along the way, but I’ve done my very best to only skim that information and done a lot of blind copying and pasting. I’m hoping I’ve managed to avoid as much of the story as possible with the goal of going in 100% fresh, or as close as I can get. So, no, I didn’t watch this trailer, but from what I did see while looking for a screen capture above looked mighty impressive.

Have a look below and click either of the links in the first paragraph if you missed the two previously released trailers from the past couple of days.

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