Does This New ‘Battleship’ Trailer Get Right What ‘John Carter’ Got Wrong?


An alien in the new Battleship trailer
An alien in the new Battleship trailer

Photo: Universal Pictures

I believe I have seen two or three different trailers for Battleship before this newly released “third” theatrical trailer. Based on what I’ve seen to this point, and before watching this new trailer, my assumption of the film was that we would see alien robots attack Earth from the sea, a battle at sea commences and the aliens would eventually be destroyed. That was all that was really shown in the trailers so that’s all I had reason to expect. Suffice to say, it didn’t really interest me and I didn’t see much room for story.

As a result, I decided to watch this trailer with a goal of doing some kind of snarky play-by-play, which would still be easy enough to do, but one thing this new trailer does present a tiny smidgen of something beyond the simplicity of the ships-at-sea battle. This time around it begins with a found alien body, the aliens taking to land and a few questions as to why they are there left unanswered. Yes, it is still stupid, but it gives a clearer distinction as to what audiences can expect and where the story may go, something virtually everyone complained about when it came to the marketing of John Carter.

Will it be any good? Eh, I’m not keeping my hopes up, but looking at it from a marketing perspective I think this trailer achieves a lot more than the previous ones did.

Have a look below and for more on Battleship you can click here, the film hits theaters on May 18.

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