Watch the Trailer and Guess How ‘Seeking Justice’ Starring Nicolas Cage Will End


Seeking Justice trailer
Nicolas Cage in Seeking Justice
Photo: Anchor Bay Films

Roger Donaldson directed one of best overlooked features of the last few years in the heist film The Bank Job starring Jason Statham, and he has quite the interesting filmography with films such as Species, Cocktail and Dante’s Peak. It’s a track record made up of films that aren’t necessarily bad, but I don’t think many will rush to call them all that good. Passable moments of entertainment may be a good descriptor and now he’s had to resort to a Nicolas Cage thriller to fill his time, but I guess that isn’t all that much of a surprise.

The film is called Seeking Justice and in it Cage plays a man whose wife (January Jones) is attacked and hospitalized. While in the hospital waiting room he’s approached by a mysterious man (Guy Pearce) claiming to be a member of a local vigilante group who makes him he offer he can’t refuse… to kill the man that hurt Cage’s wife. He accepts the offer under the agreement that maybe he’ll have to do them a favor in the future. Big surprise, he’s called on to do that favor shortly thereafter.

When he’s asked to kill someone, Cage refuses which ultimately puts him and his wife in serious danger. He can’t tell the cops because “some of them are cops” and so all of this will have to play out toward the film’s inevitable conclusion where Cage eventually kills Pearce in an epic battle of blood, fists and bullets that leaves Cage a bloody heap as Jones rushes toward him with tears in her eyes.

“Oh baby are you okay,” Jones asks breathlessly.

“I’m fine,” Cage whispers as the blood and sweat drips onto his torn and soiled shirt.

And in the end we are taught a very valuable lesson – never accept an offer from a stranger to kill someone for you. Valuable indeed.

Of course, I am just guessing here. I haven’t seen the film, which hits theaters on March 16, but after watching the following trailer that’s what I assume will happen. Joining Cage, Jones and Pearce in Seeking Justice are Harrold Perrineau, Jennifer Carpenter and Xander Berkeley and you can watch the trailer directly below.