21 New Pictures, 3 New Posters and a Trailer for ‘True Blood’ Season 4


I think the last time I watched “True Blood” was midway through the third season, but I recently received the third season Blu-ray which hits shelves next Tuesday, May 31 so I’ll be able to catch up on what I missed as HBO is set to premiere the first episode of season four, “She’s Not There,” on Sunday, June 26 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) and the promotion is already underway.

In this single post you will get the season four trailer you see up above, the three new posters you see below and a batch of 21 images from the season’s first episode on the second page of this article.

I can also tell you that starting this Sunday, May 29, HBO GO users will get a sneak peek at the first 3 minutes of the season four premiere episode with additional previews airing on HBO Go on subsequent Sundays leading up to the season premiere.

All that said, here are the posters followed by the batch of 21 hi-res images on page two. Enjoy!

I wonder, are many of you still keeping up with this show? Are you excited for the season four premiere? I really enjoyed this show when I was watching it on a regular basis, primarily because it was so outlandish and over the top and all of the actors seemed to own their characters to the point you accepted virtually any plot twist the writers threw at you. I thought it was a lot of fun.

Photo: HBO
Photo: HBO
Photo: HBO

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