‘Cars 2’ Now Has a Third Trailer

Photo: Disney / Pixar

Hey look! A third trailer for Cars 2! You wanna watch it? Do yah? Do yah? Do yah? Well here it is…

Seriously, tell me, what is with all the trailers for films lately? With Cars 2, Disney and Pixar have committed the most egregious example of over-marketing that I’ve seen in some time. Just head over to the Apple trailer page for the film where you’ll find 26 total videos as of this post.

Disney has really embraced the whole idea of using blogs to market their films for free and with staggered roll outs of content made it possible for websites such as mine to post a new item each day. Good on them, but I’m not going to fall for it every time. That is, unless you guys are clamoring for me to post a bunch of Showroom Turntables videos for each character. If that’s the case, why not just browse our gallery of over 100 posters, character images and pics from the film right here. That should keep you busy.