News Bites: Sommers Talks ‘Joe,’ More ‘Kill Bill,’ ‘Inception’ Trailer Date and More

First for the trailer news as Summit sent out word yesterday the second trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon will debut this Friday, August 14 attached to prints of the studio’s own Bandslam. Secondly, the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Inception is expected to be attached to prints of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds on Friday, August 21. Of course, remember there are situations where some prints will not have these trailers attached so if it doesn’t happen and you went to Bandslam to watch a 2:30 trailer that is your own problem… not mine. Also, don’t forget August 21 is also Avatar day.

I’m not going to monkey around with the movie itself, but we’ve actually done a whole new section for the anime as the last thing [we added]. I actually wrote a much longer script for the anime section during O-Ren’s revenge chapter. Remember the guy with the long hair that kills her father? It’s like, what happened to that dude? Well, I wrote it and it was the biggest, most elaborate thing I wrote—her taking him down.

No telling when the whole package will be ready, but if he gets to work on it after promotion for Inglourious Basterds I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try and take advantage of what I would assume to be a holiday DVD/Blu-ray release of Basterds and time the new Kill Bill for the same window.

Next we have an interesting quote from Meryl Streep recorded in the pages of Entertainment Weekly (via In Contention) regarding the timing of the Oscar ceremony:

As time has gone on, so many other televised award shows precede the Oscars, and I do think that’s diluted their importance…Certainly, everybody seems exhausted by the time the same people have trampled up on stage at the Golden Globes, the SAGs, the Broadcast Film Critics, the Baftas….There are so many now and they’re all on TV. I mean, you wanna see some real acting? Watch somebody who’s won five times before they get to the Oscars, then they get up on stage and they do the performance of, ‘Oh! Yes!’ Wow, that’s a big job! And who could blame them?…I think the Academy should move it up to Jan. 1 and preempt everybody else. That is the big Kahuna, it’s the one that counts. And I think it’s just so bizarre that they allow themselves to be the caboose.

Agree with her or not, it’s never going to happen. Should the Oscars decide to take the lead they would undoubtedly squash the relevancy of every single other award show, which means we would watch the attention paid to the Oscars rise and the rest of them would merely die. Good riddance you say? Sorry, I don’t agree, but then again I love awards season.

I don’t think the mainstream critics are relevant [with films like G.I. Joe], they have criticized themselves into irrelevancy. Transformers 2 got the worst reviews in the last decade, and it is the biggest hit of the year. More people will see that than any other movie. On my movie, it became so clear to us. Why not make those reviewers pay their $15 like everyone else? […] These critics have become a dying breed, and part of it is how much more vicious and personal they’ve become. They attack the directors, personally.

Nobody who goes to see these movies reads Richard Corliss [Time Magazine]. The mass audience pays no attention to these critics. I’m not sure they matter. It’s about word of mouth. I just got an A with the under-25 crowd.

I get it, [critics] don’t like these movies, they don’t get them. It’s like Michael Bay said, they don’t have a fun gene. These critics remind me of my 78-year old mother.

The interview is interesting to say the least and I find myself agreeing with him on a lot of his points, but I wish he wouldn’t take a hard stance against film criticism. From my point of view I have a growing concern with the business side of movie-making as it obviously makes better business sense to try and keep the 14 to 25-year-old male audiences going to the cinema, but does that mean we will continue to see less and less films for the 25+ crowd?

However, I don’t like the stance I see some people taking such as Patrick Goldstein at the “Los Angeles Times” asking “Why did so many people go see ‘G.I. Joe’?” as a question of bewilderment and not as an editorial looking into the question. Why did so many people see it? Because people have fun with mindless action movies. No harm in that. This isn’t rocket science. My problem isn’t with movies like G.I. Joe, it’s with what seems to be a growing amount of these movies and fewer instances of counter-programming. I just hope we find some balance. Would that be so bad?

Next we recently learned from Hollywood Snitch that Edward James Olmos (“Battlestar Galactica”) has secured a spot in The Green Hornet.

Risky Biz Blog says Lionsgate, Paramount and Universal are competing for the rights to Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass following its blood soaked Comic Con debut.

Finally, I have added some new movie stills lately you may be interested in checking out. I have linked to each directly below. Links will open in a new window so just close it when you are done to return to this article. Have fun…


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