International Teaser Trailer for Michelle Pfieffer’s ‘Cheri’

Finally we get an official trailer for Stephen Frears’ Cheri, a sure-fire Oscar contender starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Rupert Friend and Kathy Bates… that is if Oscar voters can remember back to June 19 once voting comes around as Miramax plans to roll the film out to limited theaters during the summer months.

The film is Frears’ follow-up to The Queen (2006) and is an adaptation of the 1920s novel by French author Colette about the lingering effects of a romance between a middle-aged woman (Pfeiffer) and a wealthy young man (Friend). Set in 1920s Paris, where the young son of a wealthy courtesan (Bates) is educated in the ways of love by a middle-aged friend of the man’s mother. When he is forced to give up the six-year relationship after marrying someone else, the young man can’t forget her and retreats into a fantasy world.

Check out the trailer below and browse our gallery of 25 stills right here.


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