New ‘Knowing’ Trailer Confirms Disaster Averted

Man, that guy really knows how to point all creepy like

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Last week David’s Shallow End piece asked “Would Someone Finally Destroy Mankind Please!?!?” and with a director such as Alex Proyas at the helm of a relatively cheap feature in terms of budget at Summit you would think such a future could be found in his new film Knowing but as the new trailer points out it’s just going to be more of the same.

In the final moments of the trailer Nic Cage’s movie son asks, “Are we gonna die?” To which The Cage says, “I will never let that happen Caleb. Do you hear me? Never.” Well, okay. Either Proyas is going to deliver one of the first disaster flicks where the father makes a promise to his son that ultimately ends up being a lie or Caleb is sure to survive whatever atrocities the prophecies of Knowing have to offer. Now I will say one thing, shoudl Proyas decide this little rugrat is going to die along with The Cage then we have a sure fire kick ass sci-fi thriller on our hands. Chances, however, are pretty dim.

Here’s the new trailer, you can also check it out in high definition at Apple.


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