‘Push’ Trailer Goes Live


Footage from Paul McGuigan’s Push (2/6/09) debuted at Comic Con this year and the footage shown was interesting for sure and now the first official trailer has come online. To give you an idea of what the film is about here is a description of the Con footage. No major spoilers and it should give you better understanding of what all is going on in the trailer:

The first bit of footage we saw appears to be a rough version of the opening credits, which features a bunch of stock footage as the backstory is revealed, which basically boils down to a battle between Watchers who can see the future, Movers which are telekinetic and can move things and Pushers who are people that can put memories in your head and influence your decisions. One example is shown in a clip in which Djimon Hounsou’s character influences one man to put a gun in his mouth and kill himself by putting the memory into his head that it isn’t loaded.

Other powers included Sniffers, Shifters (change the shape of things), Wipers (erase your memory), Stitchers and Shadows. The descriptions were a bit loose, but the names themselves giveaway a lot of it. I can only guess there are also Screamers based on the second clip we saw featuring Nick (Chris Evans), a Mover, and Cassie (Dakota Fanning), a Watcher, eating a little Chinese. Fanning, 13, who appears much older and more mature than we have seen her in some time. We even get to hear her drop a “shit” bomb after she has a vision. Villains appear, Fanning throws a gun, Evans does a force push and one dude starts SCREAMING and I can only hope the audio in theates is better than it was hear because it was deafening. Not only did it blow out the fish tanks in the preview, it blew out my freaking ears!

You can also check the trailer out in QuickTime hi-def right here.