‘Transporter 3’ Trailer Features Bunnies and Teddy Bears?


Whip, bam, boom and punch-you-in-the-face GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR… The second trailer for Transporter 3 (11/26) is here and if you aren’t sold on this one simply based on its existence I am not sure what more a trailer can do, but Lionsgate is out to make sure anyone that hasn’t had their fill after the first two installments are prepped and ready for a third.

Jason Statham returns as Frank Miller, the ex-Special Forces operative who specializes in high-risk deliveries. This time around Frank drives a car really fast and the guys that hired him don’t seem too appreciative and want to have him killed as do other guys all while he says “buckle your seatbelt” and has sex with his fortunately hot co-star. Rock on and put the pedal to the metal and watch out below because this one is gonna hit you in the face with slam bam action that will make you shit liquid. Yeah, that was a little gross… my bad…