The Devil Lives in ‘House’ Trailer and Poster


I just received the poster and trailer for the upcoming thriller House (11.14) from Roadside Attractions and I gotta say it just might be pretty good.

The film centers on the idea that two couples are chased by some psycho named the Tin Man and as they run they end up in what appears to be an abandoned house, but they soon realize they have been lured here and this isn’t a house of refuge. A tin can falls through the chimney delivering a message that he will kill them all unless they offer up one dead body before sunrise. It all seems rather cliche and like something that has been done before, but after watching the trailer it looks like it mixes the idea of a human killer with the potential for somewhat of a spiritual angle, which I think is rather intriguing.

As you can see I placed a mini-version of the poster to the right and you can click here for a larger look, but first why not check out the trailer below. Give it a chance and let me know what you think. Recently I asked you folks to tell me what your list of scariest films was, any chance you see this one being added to the list? I am guessing no, but everyone is different.